Tuesday, June 1, 2010

wooden ships and rhythm of the home

wooden ship- catamaran
The summer edition of Rhythm of the Home was just published today. This is their third edition, and it's chock full of summer pleasures: recipes, projects, articles and more!  When the heat sets in, we spend much of our time by the water. Our nearby lake, and the many creeks that surround us, offer cool refuge and endless opportunities for play. One of our favorite things to do  is construct boats from sticks or driftwood, so  Wooden Ships seemed like the perfect contribution to the play section of Rhythm of the Home. I've included instructions for several different varieties of sailing vessels... please go check it out right here!
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  1. Lovely photos. Just want to let you know how much I appreciated your post on making the Vietnamese Spring Rolls. I was finally able to be successful in the wrapping. Thanks a million.

    cheers from BC, Canada.

  2. Lovely -- the girls and I can't wait to make our own!!

  3. Love the sparkle in the first picture. I'll definitely make some boats this year and let them float gently down the stream.

  4. Love these boats! Just found your website. Look forward to reading more.

  5. lovely reminders of childhood days. thank you for the wonderful tutorial.

  6. wow those are gorgeous photos!! they are making me very happy.

  7. We just made our own bamboo sailboat inspired by this post! Thank you so much--- simply beautiful!

  8. Hi!
    Just to let you know I've featured your image on my blog today, I hope you don't mind:


    Love your work,


  9. The water looks like a lake near my Grandma...
    Hehe ^^ Nice work!