Monday, May 3, 2010

may weekend

peacock friend
Howdy! Monday. May. A fresh new week in a beautiful month! The world is bursting with color wherever I turn!  I'm feeling especially good, because I had such a rejuvenating weekend. It was slow, full, hot, and sprinkled with some of my favorite May things:
may day goodies

  • Annual church sale, where I seem to find $1 vintage suitcases. Here's the one I got two year's ago.
  • Filling the house with bouquets from the garden and blossoming trees.
  • A drive (through two sweet country villages) to my favorite Amish farm stand for annuals and pickled beets!
  • My favorite peacock showing off (at the farm stand).Isn't he stupendous! And pattern inspiration did jump into my head...
  • The smell of lilacs everywhere.
  • Dandelions turning everything to gold.

golden hilltop

What are some of your May faves? Hope you managed to squeeze some in this weekend, but if not- the entire month is still ahead of us!

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    1. beautiful colors. thanks for sharing.

    2. That peacock capture is beautiful! Of course I'm loving your finds too. I have a fondness for those old suitcases myself.

      We planted the garden this weekend and though it's a big chore, I'm already looking forward to the harvest.

      We had a Golden Eagle hanging around this weekend, as they seem to do each year while they migrate through.

      I feel full in the best sense.

    3. Gorgeous pics. I wish I had access to that many dandelions! Spring makes me crave activities from home like making dandelion wine and dandelion syrup "honey" and using the beautiful yellow blooms to dye things.

    4. it warms my heart to see all those dandy-lions!! we did lots of planting and the best part was making may day *baskets* and stealthily delivering them to neighbors (on my blog). so fun! ;)

    5. As I read this I thought, "wow I didn't do anything half so cool". then I went back over my weekend and realized that it was pretty great actually! A book sale at the local library, a little thrifting, cooking new recipes with hubby sharing good wine and good food with good friends... You are so right, it WAS an awesome weekend! Oh, and the weather was gorgeous!

    6. That's one big field of dandys!

      Happy May.


    7. I just love the way you cropped (or framed) the peacock photo.

      Thanks to DK I'm about to Google dandelion syrup. My almost-3-year-old can't keep his hands off of them - maybe I can put all that picking to use!

    8. Aren't dandelions pretty? Love the pansies as well. Beautiful pictues.

    9. I love the flat of flowers and the golden hillside! We celebrated a wonderful May celebration this past weekend!

    10. Love the peacock! They are such beautiful creatures. The smell of lilacs is a lift for me. I brought in a huge bouquet and the whole house smelled of lilacs. Went for a bicycle ride with friends and really enjoyed the weekend. Connie

    11. Your photos are gorgeous!

      May is a wonderful month for us as well!

      My twins turned 2 on May Day, Mother's Day will be celebrated with my 5 little girls, and my birthday is on the 19th which just so happens to be my Dad's birthday as well!

      A celebratory month for sure!

    12. i think this may has been my absolute favorite thus far.
      So very colorful and we just had a family and friend gathering for about 100 amazing people to celebrate May day.

    13. Hello!!
      I've just found your blog and I like it a lot!!!
      Greetings from Italy!

    14. Hola Maya, me encanta tu blog y las cosas tan preciosas que haces. Es todo muy delicado, tienes mucho gusto.
      Eres una fuente de inspiración.

      Un abrazo desde España!


    15. Oh yes, let's just soak in the beauty of this glorious month of May! You've captured it well in your lovely photos, Maya.