Friday, May 7, 2010

fix-it friday #5

 Just a little fix to share this week. Needing to stay focused on a million balls I have in the air for the month of May. Hoping to share an exciting one with you soon.

Fix-It Friday garage door
You've seen this funky old door in a million photos. It's straight out our back and leads into the garage. I love the patina and know that I should paint it, but it's aging so beautifully. The hook and eye latch was constantly being pulled straight out of the old wood by every strong wind that gusted by. After a large storm last year, the latch blew right off...  and then the door flew off of it's old rusted hinges. It was quite dramatic! I loved the old rusty hinges, but they needed to be upgraded. Instead of putting another hook and eye latch in, we temporarily put up a scrap of wood that turns on a screw. It worked so well, that it's become the permanent solution.
Fix-It Friday garage door latch
It's not a new idea, we have several antique cabinets that have a wooden "latch". I bet there are a lot of fixes out there that were meant to be temporary, but have held up over the ages. Why fix something that isn't broken... anymore? Any repairs going on in your neck of the woods? We'd all love to hear! Happy Friday!

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  1. what a lovely blog! i love your photos. they're very sharp and artistic :)

  2. Great fix. We have several wooden latches like that on various sheds and wooden granaries. They work.

    I like the patina on your shed too.


  3. Beautifull doors. Nice fotos. Congratulations from Portugal!

  4. Maya? Do I know you from SewGreen? I saw a project credited to you in a Disney parenting mag (why I get this, I don't know!) and I thought, wait, isn't that... ? Is it? :D

    In any case, congrats on the exposure and great blog!

  5. I too love the patina on that wood. The texture is amazing! Don't paint it!

  6. I am happy to say that I replaced the socket on a lamp that my husband valiantly tried and couldn't figure out how to put the chain that turned the lamp on and off back on. He felt horrible that he broke it and couldn't fix it. I took a look and in seconds had the lamp socket apart and found it needed to be replaced. I bought a new socket and replaced it much to my husband's amazement. The only way I knew how to fix and replace the socket is that my school made all of us take shop class and one of our projects was to make a lamp!