Monday, May 17, 2010

art saves

All week long I have the honor of being a guest curator over at Crescendoh, Jenny Doh's new site. I will be sharing  links each day to inspire, in addition to my story: Art Saves. Each curator writes on how art has impacted, healed, transformed... or just plain SAVED them, and the archives are filled with deep and inspiring words from amazing women. I encourage you to read through them when you have some time.
The creating I do today, is so much about celebration... of the natural world, my family, and the simple moments in each day. It was not always this way. I invite you to read my short story right here. Pin It


  1. Thank you for sharing that story; you are an inspiration on many levels.

    One of the burlap buckets I purchased from you followed me around this weekend, on the porch, to my folks, in the car, in the yard... thank you!

  2. Tears in my eyes, a lump in my throat, and so much LOVE for you and your creative birth!

  3. I do understand that! Today is such a gift. How did I ever get here, I will never fully understand....
    I enjoyed reading your story. It is an inspiration to us all =)

  4. Dear Maya, by sharing this you have just given us another reason to admire you. Your journey has been very painful at times, but how wonderful to know that art has played a role in your healing.
    Blessings- Mary

  5. It's nice having the power to keep going!
    You are an example of braveness and creativity!
    Kisses from Greece

  6. I almost didn't click the link to your story but I'm glad I did. Two days ago, I miscarried at 12 weeks (pregnancy #2) and I have been wondering these last couple days how to cope with the wide range of emotions I'm feeling- thank you for your story. I am going to try some creativity therapy.