Saturday, April 3, 2010

sponsor spotlight: Modern Organic Fabrics

Good morning! I'm so happy to introduce our newest sponsor: Modern Organic Fabrics, your source for earth friendly fabrics and patterns. I love fabric. LOVE. I even dream about fabric sometimes. Really! So Modern Organic Fabrics is like a fabulous dream come true... all organic, all beautiful, and delivered to my doorstep with a little click. I know that you're aware of  the reasons for making organic choices about food, but is it really so important for fabric? YES!

Here's what  Melanie O'Brien of  Modern Organic Fabrics has to say,
"Why organic?
::Good for the Earth: Organic production systems replenish and maintain soil fertility, reduce the use of toxins and persistent pesticides and fertilizers, and build biologically diverse agriculture.
::Good for the farmers: The growing of conventional cotton uses harmful chemicals and pesticides that can cause serious health conditions for the Farming Community.
::Good for you: Organic cotton is free of chlorine, sodium hydroxide and formaldehyde, which can be present in conventional cotton fabrics. "

I've sewn with a lot of organic fabrics and, in my opinion, the higher quality is tangible... both to the touch and energetically. Melanie O'Brien, the woman behind the shop, has made it easy to find fabulous colors, patterns, and different weights all in one place. Who knew there were so many organic jersey choices? If you're looking for a new pattern, she stocks quite few and even reviews them! And if you've been admiring Cloud9Fabrics, another very special sponsor up in the sidebar (hi Michelle!), Modern Organic Fabrics stocks them. too! Wouldn't the set below, aptly called Sunny Meadow, be so perfect to stitch into something for spring?!

I've got my eye on this next bunch for summer picnics, because I've always had a weakness for red gingham and little polka dots.
I could go on showing you my faves, but why don't you hop on over and explore. There's something for everyone.... with new stuff on the way! Thanks Melanie, I'm so thrilled that you're here!
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  1. these are just all so beautiful! thank you for sharing these :)

  2. Now that you've shown me these I'm afraid to go to their website... I just know I won't be able to afford to buy this. I'll just have to dream about them! Okay, I'm going anyway...

  3. WoW! I was so surprised to find that these fabrics are affordable! How great!

  4. I was so excited to see my friend Harmony of Harmony Art"s Evelyn print right up top! Looks like Modern Organic Fabrics is a great fit for your site Maya.

  5. These fabrics are beautiful...makes you want to hold them in your own two hands!

  6. beautiful! i love the pretty dots & bouquets set. :]

  7. I like this fabric Maya. Great post.