Tuesday, March 9, 2010

spring organizing with niknaknan

I'm working on a little spring tutorial for later on in the day, but I thought I'd just pop in to share a few of my new favorites in my mother's vintage shop. Take a visit over to niknaknan to find some creative ways for displaying your photos and notes. On the left is an old canoe seat and the on the right a magnetic metal trivet. They've both been cleverly repurposed by wall mounting.

Don't you love this industrial box with red printing... perfect for sewing or art supplies.

How about hanging your market bags on this hole puncher that takes on a new life when bolted to the wall.

My mom is adding new stuff frequently, so go take a peek!

I'll be back soon! Pin It


  1. haha! i might have to bolt my old hole puncher to the wall! (though i don't know what my husband would say about it :)

  2. your blog has probably been one of my favorites to read for a while now, it brightens my day everytime I read a new post.

    But this post lead me to ask you if you had ever made it down to texas: there's a huge antique fair that goes on in Warrenton, TX twice a year you would love:
    I'm 19 now, and have taken a trip to this event every year since before I could walk. It is now my favorite place to be and my favorite pastime.

    Anyway, you can check out some pictures of the fair here:

    Thanks again for posting!

  3. Molly-big smile!

    Thanks so much Amanda! I've never been to your fair, but it looks like absolute heaven. We have a similar one up here in New York that I'm counting the months to!

  4. oh how I love everything your mom has in her shop ! I heart all the "wire" objects most :) And I love the idea of finding a new & totally different use for an object. oxox