Monday, March 15, 2010

sachets and journals::early spring update

Your responses to my post on Friday were so thoughtful... so insightful! I'm very lucky to have you all in my life, and I encourage you to go back and check out the comments.

I got right to making several sachets with that coverlet, and I wore my new bag all weekend long! I'm so happy with it, but am refining the design in my head with each wearing. So to answer a couple of your questions: is it my pattern and will they be for sale in my shop? Yes to both. When? After I perfect the size and shape a tiny bit. I plan to make them in various materials: from burlap and ticking to more of the spring green tablecloth. For now, I've put the sachets up in my shop and even printed up some more Moleskine journals.

I can't live without mine! I always have several going at once: one in my bag, another on the kitchen counter (that's where I am most of the time),and a little one by my bed. I used them long before I started selling them, but am so proud to say that my hand stamped versions are now filling up with thoughts/sketches in several countries around the world.
In fact, the latest Sew Hip magazine from the UK just featured them in their "Things We Love" section. Yay!
p.s. I think this is my favorite sachet from the weekend and almost didn't put it in the shop, but I'll make more for me ! The little loop is Parisian lace from Sonia's wonderful shop.
Sonia just happened to be making her own beautiful Moleskine journals this weekend also! (I have one of hers, too... it's the one tucked in my bag!)

Hope you had a great weekend and for those of us that had to spring ahead... let's enjoy adjusting to the longer afternoon daylight! Pin It


  1. yay for another publication, my friend ! sorry they messed with the URL, they could have checked once more, grrr ... but I'm sure people will try to find you through Google or something else when they'll try to reach that (wrong) link.
    oh my gosh, I've read my name here !!!! you sweet you, thank you so much ! yes I've been making Moleskines too, what a sweet coincidence !
    sending you tons of hugs & wishing you a lovely start of the week ! oxoxo

  2. Congratulations on your feature in the magazine, that must be so exciting!
    I LOVE the sachet hanging from the door lock. Such a great idea!
    As always, loved everything...

  3. Oh Maya, congratulations on yet another wonderful achievement! It is great to see your work getting the attention that it deserves. I love everything you make, but I absolutely LOVE your blue swallow stamped on the moleskin journal. Enjoy your well-earned success my friend!- Mary

  4. This is my first visit here and I am certainly delighted that I've hopped by! :> I really enjoy your spin on creating! :>

  5. Congrats on the publication! So well deserved. The sachet turned out brilliantly, naturally. The molskines, both your's and Sonias are wonderful. Have a great week!

  6. Very lovely. Super prints and the bird journal couldn't be more pretty.

  7. Loving your moleskins! Congratulations on your magazine feature :) It looks so fantastic!

  8. Loving the prints and congrats on the magazine feature! I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Awards over at and look forward to all your gorgeous and creative blog posts.

  9. These sachets and journals are really beautiful. Thanks for posting them. I love your style!

  10. They are lovely! I'm glad you are getting exposure so more people will see and enjoy them!