Saturday, February 6, 2010

sponsor spotlight: Silk Oak

I'm so pleased to introduce you to one of our new sponsors, Silk Oak! If you've ever been to Ithaca, New York you've probably come across Silk Oak, a woman-owned, family run silk screen business that's been an institution around here since the '70's. How exciting to have the opportunity to promote a local designer, Jan Rhodes Norman, and her wonderful wares. It seems that everyone in my town has a well loved Silk Oak in their closet... including my family and friends!

"We hand silkscreen our original designs on a variety of media, primarily organic cotton clothing, with a focus on made in the U.S., sweatshop free. We love color, cool design and the hands on feel of our traditional, low tech process. For each color in a design, a separate screen is used, registered by eye and printed by hand, so that each garment is slightly different from all the others. We use water soluble, environmentally friendly dyes that form a permanent bond with the fabric. Our process is safe for us and safe for the consumer, resulting in a garment with a soft feel, vibrant color and easy washability."- Silk Oak

Silk Oak is always adding new designs and recently started making organic lunch bags and aprons featuring their popular veggies and more. Whether you're looking for a cozy hoody or a baby onesie, there's something for everyone... from baby to grown-up and all sizes in between. My children have always enjoyed the variety of animal prints, and I love the owls and ravens.

Jan believes in " growing a business that nurtures our families and strengthens our community, while working every day to show respect and concern for the earth." Thanks Jan, so happy you're here! In addition to their on-line shop, they've now expanded to Etsy and are available to every one. Please go give them a visit to see their entire selection- it's vast and wonderful!

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  1. Thank you for bringing back from very happy memories for me! I used to live in Ithaca, and strolling the farmer's market on Saturday mornings with my Silk Oak totebag... oh, I miss it so much. Binghamton is nice too, really, but it just can't quite compare to Ithaca!

  2. I love the designs. Very cute. I look forward to taking a look over at Etsy.

  3. thanks for introducing me to silk oak. i will definitely take a look for myself.

  4. Your blog makes me smile so I am nominating you for the Sunshine Award! You can find the details on my blog here: keep up the good work!

  5. I love Silk Oak! My daughter has grown out of the shirts we got her, and our friends moved away from Ithaca. I'm so thrilled to hear that they are selling online now! Thanks for letting us know :)

  6. I love Silk Oak! Every summer when I am in Ithaca, I make sure to buy at least one thing (or 5) for myself and also for my 2.5 yo daughter at the Ithaca Farmers Market (one of my most favorite things in Ithaca!)