Monday, February 1, 2010


Hello February! I love turning the calendar page. How wonderful when a new month starts on a Monday... feels so fresh and promising, doesn't it?

Little bits to share:
  • Today is the first day of registration for Squam Art Workshops. I'm really hoping to meet some of you!
  • I'd love to welcome back my returning sponsors, and say hello to my new ones: lil fish studios and Silk Oak! All of these lovely shops offer amazing handcrafted and/or eco conscious goods, so please give them a visit.
  • And lastly, I'm updating my shop this afternoon... aiming for around 2pm. Chasing the winter light for today's photo shoots has left me with frost bitten fingers and a bruised shin, but it also pushed me out into the crisp and peaceful morning. Here are some favorites to fill up the shop shelves, before I dive into new designs. Be sure to check over there after lunch (EST), I may even have a couple more buckets to add to the woodpile bucket brigade.
Edited at 2:30: Shop update is now live! Pin It


  1. So excited for your shop update! And you teach in the pixie squam sessions as well?

  2. so excited to see you at squam! hoping to see you before. are you going to be teaching any classes at home again soon?

  3. headed over now to check out the new goodies!!

  4. Oh how I wish I could attend Squam. Maybe someday...until then, have a wonderful time. I've given you an award. Stop by my blog and see.

  5. heh. I've found myself in precarious (and sangerous!) positions all for the sake of a great photo. It pais off for you, I'd say. It's a gorgeous pic of the buckets...

  6. thanks everyone! Melis- I won't be teaching the Pixie sessions... don't they sound so fun?!
    Kimm, not sure if any classes will happen at the barn this spring. I'll make sure to let you know right off.