Friday, January 15, 2010

large burlap bucket for Haiti

I drove my sewing machine into the ground right before Christmas. I knew I needed to get it tuned up in the new year and have hesitated sewing anything at all this week. However, the whir of that needle is something that really gives me solace. After watching far too much footage of today's rescue attempts in Haiti, I couldn't sit still. Although I still think it needs some TLC before I begin some serious sewing... my sweet machine was so good to me today. The burlap and %100 organic cotton were already cut and just waiting... now it's made and ready for one of you. I'm in the process of having it listed in Craft Hope's new Etsy shop Craft Hope for Haiti, where all of the proceeds will go directly to Doctors Without Borders. I encourage you to head over there and purchase or donate something... anything. It may just ease your heart a little bit to know that you could DO something. Every effort matters. I'll try to let you know when this bucket has been listed.

Note: Sorry, I didn't get a chance to announce it before it sold... it went so fast! I'm so grateful! Pin It


  1. We donated what we could. Glad that you are donating to Haiti as well.

    Beautiful tote.

  2. wow! it went fast!!! thank you maya! xoxo

  3. Thank you for this! I was looking for somewhere to donate what I have - and voila there you were and there was Craft Hope for Haiti. I have made my donations and hopefully they will be up shortly.

  4. a very worthy cause... I've dug deep. We all should.