Thursday, November 12, 2009

security pattern napkin rings

I'm so pleased that my burlap ring was well received. It got such nice attention! I have some more napkin rings for you. The burlap one had a bit of funky looseness to it (in a good way!)... these are minimalistic and modern.

They are also free and entirely from your recycling bin. Introducing my new love: security envelopes. The variety of interior patterns your bills come in are vast and beautiful. Simply paste a strip to a TP tube and add a contrasting one on top. Maybe stamp a number or initial. Easy.

I've been playing around with these papers all fall. My entire family has gotten into the action. Sometimes we all traipse out to the mailbox to see what patterns have arrived. Bills have never been so exciting! This is a little black and gray set, but I have lots of blues and a prized green one, too.

I kept the above napkins rings simple, so that you could really see the paper, but what if you added some shapes... or a sprig of berries!

I've come up with several projects I'll share in the future, but for now please enjoy this list of security envelope craft links from some very creative folks:

little idea notecards
business card holders
center piece and flowers
tiny house
modern beads
mini journal
inside out security envelopes

one of my favorites:
the security blanket

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  1. This is totally my new favorite thing.

  2. Awesome! I love this inventive use for bills. I'll have to start seeing what patterns come with mine :)

  3. I love those napkin rings, they're so cute *and* from the recycling bin.

    Almost makes it worth getting a bill! I've been saving some, but so far they're all very similar. I shall have to try harder ;-)

  4. Why do ours come in plain white enveloppes, no security pattern here around our bills! I've only received such an envelop with my new bankcard...

  5. If you like security envelopes...check out this this awesomeness.

  6. OMGoodness! I'll never look at my bills the same way again. ;-D


  7. Oh my, how clever. I had never heard about the security envelope thing. I just rescued 3 from our recycling bin. Thanks for this great idea!

  8. Um, what can I say ....? I loooooove this ! But you knew that, right ?! Your idea is brilliant & I'm totally honored to be part of the links you shared ! We haven't such pretty grey patterns over here, but the blue ones are great too. Joanie sent me green ones from England & I was totally excited ! LOL
    I owe you a big email, I'm sorry I've been so busy this week. I'll do my best to email you later today.
    oxoxoxo big hugs my friend & Security Envelope Buddy :D xoxoxo

  9. What a fantastic idea, those look great.

  10. Who knew?! Apparently, a lot of folks. I'm so glad to be finally in the know :) These are amazing!

  11. Just unbelievably gorgeous and inspired Maya! I don't call you magical Maya for naught! Everything you touch turns to good, I swear....:)

  12. love this. never would have thought of it myself, surprising enough. thank you friend.

  13. Great idea. Especially now that security evelopes seem to have stepped up their game - Verzon has some rather nice minimalist stripes, which would go lovely with my insurance bill's cross-hatch. I suppose I ought to pay some attention to the piece of paper that's in the envelope and write some cheques...

  14. OMG lady. That is gorgeous and exciting. I love the way you look at waste and see something totally new. I love your reinterpretation and revision. You are my inspiration. I never thought to look at the inside of envelopes for those lovely, lovely patterns. Bother intricate and minimalist. Love love love.

  15. The minimalist greys are really soothing maya.
    Becky of sweetie pie press is a real living doll of a person and I had so much fun looking at all her different security envelope patterns at the workroom in Toronto.

  16. So I know I already left a comment, but I thought I would let you know I just checked my mail and I got 4 different patterns, just today! FOUR! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  17. Holy cow! I might actually have to start opening my junk mail just to see if there's any pretty paper inside.

  18. Oeps
    they DO sometimes have security patterns, I mean my bills. Just never noticed them before! You see, a lot of things are just taken for granted...

  19. What an absolutely great idea!

    It's so weird but i only just happened to notice the pattern inside one of my bill envelopes the other day and thought "hmmm!". Thanks for all the links.

    Have a great weekend.

    Liz x

  20. You make them look so elegant! Our envelopes have advertsing for their "security" feature... not nice looking at all!

  21. So pretty!! And thanks for linking to Dollar Store Crafts!

    I once used recycled envelopes as a cover for a zine I made.

  22. Haha, I have just sat and looked through my recycling bin at my desk... I have loads and they are SO pretty!
    Also what a lovely thought to have when a bill or statement turns up, thank you!!!

  23. Thank you so much for linking to my flowers! I love the last napkin ring with the berries. I was debating doing napkin rings too, but I'm not sure about coordinating it with the wedding coordinator. Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. Thanks for sharing this brilliant idea... Napkins can be made an agreeable piece of any event ornamentation. It is a part of the decor and blends in well with any theme of any event.

  25. Can't believe these are made from security envelopes. They look pretty. Thanks for sharing!