Wednesday, July 29, 2009

move-able collage #1

I wear many hats in the summer: lifeguard, on-call chef, camp chauffeur, art director, librarian, boredom buster, farmer, chief frog catcher, wet clothes hanger-upper (note: remember to put a stool out by the clothesline, already!)... this list could go on and on! It's a good life, and I'm thrilled it's mine. But that ache for "creative me time" keeps coming up. I am finding little ways to satisfy that need during the long dog days of summer... like these and these... and now move-able collages. I arranged an old toy house from my grandparent's nursery school with a paper made doll, vintage lace and other odd bits from my mother's barn studio. When the composition was just right, I photographed it. I can't tell you how much pleasure I received from something so extremely simple!
Temporary art.
Highly personal (or not).
Very little clean up.
Materials already on hand.
There will be more of these, I'm sure. Next time, I'll invite my children... we all know they'd love it, too. Might even be a fun activity for a group of kids (and adults)... wow, even a collaborative art project!
Me-time? I'll slip it in, promise. Pin It


  1. I love it!
    I can the same feeling of relaxation and pleasure when I do ephemeral collages with little bits and pieces I find in the garden and in the forest. It is very similar to meditation and I can feel my breathing slowing down, my pulse rate decreasing and my muscles relax.

  2. temporary art...another great idea to try with my grandkids. Thanks for all your terrific ideas.

  3. Wonderful idea! I'm going to give this project to my kidlets (4 in all), tomorrow. I'll collect items and ask each one to arrange them alone and then, take a picture. After they are finished and chose their favorite photo, I'll post it to my blog. Is it ok to make a link so others can read your post?

  4. creativeheart- that sounds wonderful! I look forward to seeing your children's work. Please feel free to link!

  5. so very fun....and you are a superstar in my creative and such a great mom! xo

  6. I feel the same way, these days. My fingers are literally itching to do something creative. But there's no time for creative me-time right now. I have to get through a pile of vacation laundry first, keep the girls busy with fun stuff and we need to start gathering those school supplies too.

    I love your collage and the picture you made of it - it would do great on postcards or a calendar... Looking forward to see more of those!

  7. yay! feels good to express creativity in a whole new way doesn't it??? love this, so sweet and the look on the doll's face is priceless...she seems to love what she is doing there :)

  8. i love that you are taking time for "you". Wow, that is so important and yet soooo hard to do. Great job.