Friday, June 19, 2009

june blossoms

I'm loving each new flower that is bursting open in my garden. Come rain or shine, they bloom. At the beginning of each season my senses explode. As summer solstice nears, I am thinking about:

how it would feel to tiptoe across peony petals...

what I would I see if I were a bee in June...

and what if drinking the nectar of sweet blossoms could make me fly...

Summertime. Flower time. My favorite time. What are you loving this season?

p.s. I just got this new book... perfect for the flower lover!! Inspiration for us all! Pin It


  1. Isn't Elsita's book just amazing!!
    I think there is something so very special about the pairing or little creatures and blossoms.

  2. Hello my friend !
    Wow, you grow wonderful beauties in your garden, and you get the most gorgeous visitors too ! Wow !
    I owe you a long fat email, I promise to correct this ASAP. You've been such a sweetheart. Have a delightful weekend, my dear oxoxoxo lots of love

  3. Maya, these are such beautiful photos of magnificent pieces of natural art. The ruffles and the soft edges make me wish I could make an entire bed of fresh petals.

  4. Oh wow, your blooms are so pretty, but that butterfly is FANTASTIC!

  5. I love that yellow spider crawling across the peony. My senses are on a high with all the flowers in my gardens too. I just love spring (almost summer!).

    Happy Day!

  6. beautiful flowers!
    so much joy over here
    so wish I had been in your Squam workshop...
    I did a poppy post as well
    so radiant
    happy weekend...

    xox - eb.

    ps - lucky you on winning that bundle of goodies - enjoy - love the 1000 journal pages!

  7. I heart your photos, especially the one with the butterfly - ahhh the beautiful colours of summer.

  8. So pretty!!! I love reading your blog! :)

  9. how your posts each week...your pillow is so amazing....can I copy it ??
    Kisses from germany Barbara

  10. I usually hate spiders, but I will admit that that little yellow guy is pretty! (although I'd probably still freak out if he was crawling on or close to me!) Why can't more spiders look like that?

  11. Beautiful photos and lovely writing!
    I am enjoying the sweet and complex smell of flowers floating in the air as I walk around the yard which then follows me inside the house after I have picked several bouquets...

  12. lovely capture of the bee in the poppy. great blog..

  13. Magnifiques ces bouts de nature ;)....wonderful colors and beautiful animals ;x

  14. Maya,

    These photographs are so perfectly captured. They are beautiful.