Wednesday, June 17, 2009

child's travel pillow

So this is where that little lavender unicorn sleeps... in the pocket of my daughter's new travel pillow.

This concept of a pillow with a handle began last month, as my son got ready for a class trip with an 8 hour bus ride. The night before they left, I decided he needed a pillow. I think it was for his comfort, as well a way for my own. I wanted to give him a bit of my love to take with him. I made his in 1/2 and hour out of thrifted red chambray. Quick and easy! I added a handle at the last minute, so that he could clip it to his backpack. I also slipped a little lavender directly into the pillow. Not the best idea for later washings, but so far so good.

Since then, he's brought it on overnights/sleepovers like in the photo above, and I'm sure it will be with us on our next road trip.

His little sister was very envious... so I knew another travel pillow was in our future. When I bought that 1/2 a yard of Far, Far Away fabric I had no idea what I was going to make with it. It's the silkiest cotton (double gauze), and that print just begs to be highlighted. This pillow does the trick perfectly. My pinky/purpley/fairy tale girl was ecstatic this morning when she discovered it.

Thank goodness! I make her stuff all of the time, and some things are big flops as far as she is concerned. Not this one! Yeah! She was delighted and told me all day. In fact she and her pillow have been together constantly.

In the hammock...

at the dentist...

soaking up the sun on a cold day...
and now she's fast asleep with it. She threw her regular pillow over the side of the bed. That's a very good sign. I'm thinking every child should have a travel pillow with a handle and a pocket for a lavender sachet... in their favorite fabric, of course. It's a very straightforward design. I'm sure you can figure it out, but if you're a new sewer and wanting a tutorial, just say the word.

Which brings me to my promised burlap bucket pattern... I haven't forgotten. It's coming, really! Pin It


  1. This is a brilliant idea! I would have loved one of these when I was young. In fact, I think even those of us who are only young at heart could appreciate having one now too.

  2. Oh my goodness I want one, and I am 23 years old! ha!

  3. How cute!! The handle is such a great idea.

    I am a beginner sew-er and can figure out the pillow part, but any tips on how to insert the handle would be appreciated =).

  4. Child travel pillow are so good and they are so beautiful you are definitely a supermom.

  5. I could really use one of those, too! Great idea- I'll whip one up for summer travels.

  6. Oh it beautiful Maya. I love how attached she's become to it. That's treasure forever.

  7. Brilliant!
    I'm doing this one for sure!
    I'm such a copy cat...;) XXxx

  8. Oh this is really cute! I know my little girls would enjoy this too. I've raised my girls non-gender specific (clothes, colors, toys, activities, language)and in a heavily feminist environment. Nature vs nurture prevails again, as my 4 year old is suddenly into dresses, pink (ack!), princesses, etc... I know she'd carry her miniature babydoll in the pocket. Now my 3 year old baby girl will stash all her bugs that she collects. Thanks for the post!

  9. I think it's fantastic!
    I would probably be making one for Zoe anytime.

  10. I love it! Could you give us the dimensions?

  11. Very sweet. Love the photo at the dentist.

  12. I would love a tutorial. The pillows are fantastic and I love that Heather Ross fabric--too cute.

  13. What a great idea, great present.

    Someday I want to do stuff like this.

  14. Fabulous idea! Every pillow should have a handle. Thanks for sharing.

  15. What a great idea! Very, very cute!

  16. What a great idea!!! i'd love a pattern!!!

    (Crafting by Candlelight)

  17. Great Idea! Especially adding the little pocket. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Absolutely fantastic.. What a great idea! I'm going to copy that, shamelessly. Thank you, they will love love love it..

  19. here is some poetry for your sweetie..

    When the sky is light you can find her there
    Greeting the dawn with a shake of her hair
    Telling the glen folk that she’s still here
    Their protector through the ages will always be here
    Try to find her if you can she’s always there
    Never where you look but only where you don’t
    That’s part of her magic that helps her take care
    Of the glen folk in her care
    Look with your heart not with your eyes
    The heart of the pure can see while the eyes are always blind
    In my heart I have found her a dozen times over
    But my eyes have never seen the unicorn
    Susan Roden

    Look into her eyes
    what do you see?
    Do you see you there,
    or something so different?

    She is not like you,
    her soul is too pure.
    She is one of them,
    she's a unicorn.

    Do you know,
    what a unicorn is?
    Do you know,
    where they go to play?

    She knows, look into
    her all knowing eyes.
    She has seen them play,
    and she was seen them laugh.

    She is a unicorn,
    far different from you.
    I am with her now,
    because I'm one too.
    Elizabeth Connell

    The Unicorn’s Glance

    The moon illuminates my night...
    Brightly.. to enhance even the hushed breeze...
    All was quiet...
    the night-song now an awed silence...

    I peered into the evening...
    A soft movement graced my sight....
    An incandescence blazed for but an instant...
    A glimpse of light through crystal...
    through refulgent, cobalt glass...
    Had the distant sun fallen from it’s vaulted heaven to charm my

    Still was I. Had my eyes deceived me? Could this be the moment
    I had
    unceasingly hoped for?

    I watched this incarnate beauty slip within my admiration...

    Languidly he moved,
    His Footfalls so vigilant,
    So mellifluous was his stride...
    he made no such sound to detect..

    He watched and warded the lady slippers,
    knowing not to intrude on such a bloom...
    My eyes left him not...
    My heart quickened with his every step...
    And at long last...this resplendent Unicorn was nigh my side...

    His horn spiraled toward the sky...I swear to spite the

    His eyes alone told an ancient story...
    speaking to me with all the trust and innocence of nature...
    He seemed to illuminate his surroundings...

    He let fall his supple head and ensconced his nose upon my

    A single tear fell from my soul...
    As I marveled this Unicorn tonight...

    My tear fell to the ground...
    ..a mirroring surface of his light, as it slipped from my

    The unicorn observed it fall...
    And upon its arrival to the fertile Earth...
    he touched his horn to it...
    Creating an amber stone....

    He upraised his head..
    to search into my eyes once more....

    Than whinnied as he such joy...
    for he had found someone who understood...
    to share in his spirit and will...

    And knowing I had found that spirit, never to lose....
    He fled...a bright ghost skillfully gracing the night...
    in his great delight and speed...
    Under the pale moon,
    one early autumn eve....

    A breath left my eyes glittering with his essence...
    In bewilderment I lifted my gem and held it fast...
    ...and as I strolled from our meeting place... see home at last...
    I smiled to hear the night-songs arise anew...

    I am sure there are loads of other
    poems out there too... have you
    heard the song the Don't you forget
    my Unicorn?

    There is a movie I think too...
    here is the song from it.

    Your pillow is lovely, and she
    looks like it was a huge hit!
    Hope you enjoyed this bit of Unicorn
    Loads of Magical Love
    Rane and kids.

  20. My 2 boys are heading out with Grandma and Papa for a 7 hour car trip tomorrow morning... may have to make 2 of these tonight!

  21. awesome work....really inspiring. I have a big trip coming up and these will be perfect.

  22. I'm new at sewing and I'd LOVE a tutorial for these, or maybe even just some basic measurements and a strategy. Thanks for all the goodness!

  23. I don't think there'd be a little girl on the planet who wouldn't fall in love with that pillow. Love the lavender sachet pocket idea, and the handle is a stroke of genius.

  24. hello! I found you via Crafty Place. I loved your pillow idea (and your wide plank floors :P The pic of your girly in the dentist chair with the pillow was the MOST! It feels so good to make something they like. My son likes everything I make and my daughter can usually take it or leave it too. I wonder why that is...
    happy crafting!

  25. OOOO...absolutely going to make one of these except the pocket will be for my daughter's stuffie...thanks for the inspiration!!!

  26. I was trying to relax on my hammock yesterday and I thought, "I need a pillow!". ;-)

  27. We're going camping in a few weeks, this project is perfect!

  28. that's such a great idea, maya! thank you for sharing. i know two little people who would be into these, big time. :)

  29. Beginning sewer doesn't even begin to cover it so a tutorial would be appreciated. :) But if you don't have time I understand and can figure it out on my own. Did you use a pillow form inside or stuff it with batting?

    This would be an awesome gift for any child who travels. I always loved having my own pillow with me!

    And when I say beginning sewer...I mean my attempts at straight lines turn into beautiful, perfect circles. :)

  30. Wonderful wonderful idea! Un genio! :)

  31. Such a great idea! I'm going to whip some up for my boys!!

  32. I would love a tutorial! I have a few people in mind that this would be perfect for.

  33. You are a genius. And so good to your babies....xo