Wednesday, May 6, 2009


You know how sentimental I am. I'm sure it doesn't surprise you how much I appreciate creating and keeping traditions with my family. Our Mother's Day ritual remains basically the same, but the details keeps evolving. It's one of the only days out of the year that I sleep in. I've never been a late sleeper, so I don't mind that it happens infrequently... makes it that much more special when it happens. While I bury myself under the covers, my husband and the children tiptoe downstairs and prepare a breakfast of my choosing to bring up to me on a tray. Ahhh! I can barely wait... so I set the tray myself the night before. Some how this seems to add to their excitement and takes one less step out of the equation for my husband... as he supervises baking popovers , flower picking, and card making. This is the popover recipe that we always use. Perfect for the kids and long enough for me to really fall back asleep! All of these activities take a blissful hour or so, and then I'm greeted by the proudest and happiest faces.

We're so fortunate that each Mother's Day seems to be the weekend that the apple blossoms are peaking. We often take a short walk through a stretch of antique apple trees up the road from our house. The smell is heavenly, and it never ceases to make me feel like I've entered paradise. I had a light bulb moment yesterday. What if we went to one of our favorite apple orchards with a picnic... sandwiches and lemonade under a canopy of pink blossoms... sounds lovely, doesn't it?

We stopped by to see how the trees were coming along on our way home from town today. The pear trees were exploding with white flowers... but the pink apple blossoms were just beginning. I bet by Sunday they'll be ready!

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  1. what a sweet breakfast tray! How lovely all these images are! Spring is so inspiring isn't it?

  2. Well your post is lovely as well
    as your photos.
    Everyear my husband makes me
    breakfast really early... then
    we go on the porch and watch the
    sun rise. Sip green tea and just
    enjoy the morning alone... no kids
    the night before they get to stay
    up late making me a huge card on
    a poster board, *I take photos each
    year to add to my set* then they
    eat pizza and a movie. SO in the
    morining they sleep late not me!

    But when they get up all the fun
    starts. It is pamper momma day.
    They take my house slippers....
    so I do little to no walking
    just sit and have fun, Alex will
    read to me while I get a kiddie
    massage.. You will not believe it
    but I wear a bathing suit and
    they get to lotion me and I sit
    in a kiddie pool... then they
    "massage" me. hahaha! It is oh
    so very funny. Then I get a
    shower while they clean up and
    then we get lunch out.
    After it is nap time for the
    wee ones and the older kids get
    to watch a movie at home while I
    get to sew all I want for the
    nap time... not interuptions!
    *in my house that is a big deal!*
    after we go to a tea house near
    us and have after noon tea and cake.
    Dinner is always the same....
    crab... in every form I can get
    it. Sorry but it is my weekness.
    I dont know what we will do this
    year it is always differnt.
    Last year it was wonderful
    because his mother was here and
    she made the best crab ever!
    After dinner we get to watch
    the kids put on a show where
    they are me and my husband...
    really funny. Alex has been working
    on this years play for weeks.
    I can't wait to find out who
    will play me!
    Alex has said that this year he
    will put the little ones to bed
    so that hubby and I can set and
    watch the sun set... I really am
    Happy mothers' day to all!

  3. Emily- each new season gets me so excited!
    Rane- your mother's day tradition sound extraordinary! wow!

  4. Beautiful post and images again maya. The light and color is so soothing.
    Our tradition is a delicious brunch or lunch on the porch ( weather permitting) made by the children and then a walk in the forest to see our the little wildflower children that mother earth has coaxed so sweetly out of the ground.

  5. Um, our tradition is that I usually get a gift card if my husband remembers. I do love the handmade gifts that the kids make at school. I won't lie, I'm a little disappointed that my daughter is ill and not going to preschool this week, as I know that means I'll be missing out on a gift from her this year.

    Now I want to go and find some apple and pear trees, though - their blossoms are so pretty.

  6. I love that you set out the 'readied tray' the night before that just makes the whole thing perfect. Thanks for sharing your tradition.

  7. I get to do what ever I want but Pajama Girl fills that up with suggestions of what she thinks I want to do. No major traditions but I always get a gift certificate to my favorite greenhouse and try to spend in on something perennial so I can enjoy it year after year. PJ girl has already announced 100 times that I will love the card she made me and the dogs always get me a silly card with biscuit money they saved.

    My favorite mother's day gift was the year PJ girl was born, the first Mother's Day for me. My husband gave me a gold birth certificate charm for my charm bracelet with all the tiny details engraved.

  8. Sounds like it will be a beautiful day. The kids are already giving me their Mother's Day presents they made. They can't wait until Sunday. Handprints on paper and handmade cards. Love it. Breakfast would be nice too!

  9. Happy Mother's Day, Maya. You deserve a bit of a lie-in!!! Have a wonderful day.

  10. Beautiful post, Maya, and I love reading about others' Mother's Day traditions. I get to sleep in and have homemade cinnamon buns. But now I may ask for a picnic under apple blossoms! I passed by one on my walk this morning, and it was heavenly.

    Now I'm off to attempt some burlap buckets for my three moms!

  11. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

    X Maureen

  12. The picnic you described sounds absolutely heavenly. I do hope the apple blossoms will be blooming just in time for Mother's Day for you!

    I think traditions are so important for every family, and I look forward to creating our own once we have little ones :)