Monday, May 11, 2009

lilacs and love

Thank you so much for your sensitive comments and loving thoughts. Although my heart truly healed long ago, my memories of my miscarriage and the dark days following it are quite vivid. Losses of mothers and motherhood are so often only whispered about. I wanted to give it a voice in hopes that others might feel less isolated. Thanks for bravely joining in the conversation... I strung this LOVE in my blossoming lilacs just for you! See you tomorrow with my usual fare!
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  1. My sincere thanks for your touching words. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and my godmother diagnosed with ovarian cancer all in the same week about a month ago. My mom just went through surgery last week and is healing and my godmother goes into surgery tomorrow. They have had tremendous support and love and we were all blessed to have a wonderful Mother's day despite everything. Your flowers are lovely and your words will forever help heal all those who read them. Thank you, Maya.

  2. You probably know this but purple lilacs signify the emotion of first love in the language of flowers. Your image is absolutely perfect. Love to you maya.

  3. Thanks for the love and for the lilacs... there aren't any down here, and I love them so.

    I missed your post yesterday, but it's quite beautiful and true. Sometimes I don't think life and love can be anything but bittersweet. We want it to always be wonderful but, it can't be. Maybe we need to remember the good when we are swallowed by the bitter, and remember the bitter when we are flying on the sweet.

  4. I've only caught up on your last few posts, Maya. Your story touched me, too.

    Mother's day was a very emotional time for me, so thank you also for acknowledging that it's a difficult time for some of us.