Monday, April 6, 2009


gorgeous snail created by Margie of Resurrection Fern (of course!)

Hope it was a wonderful weekend for you. Mine was so full and rich that I haven't finished digesting it yet. A little more than a year ago I met Pat in the wool sweater (think felting) aisle of our local Salvation Army, and she quickly became one of my dearest friends. Pat is the one who not only convinced me to start this blog, but sat down and taught me all of the basics. During the early months of our friendship we stayed up late e-mailing links back and forth and sharing all of our discoveries about this vast and inspiring on-line world. We came across Margie of Resurrection Fern. All of our connections grew very deep though e-mails and daily blog visits. Don't you sometimes wish you could really meet some of the wonderful friends you've made through this incredible community? Really laugh... not type "LOL". Pat and I were extremely fortunate this weekend. Margie journeyed all the way to our neck of the woods... to meet us! Margie is incredible virtually, as many of you know. In person: more phenomenal than words can say. Believe me... I've tried a dozen times in this post, and I'm speechless! She's that wonderful!!! Talking, laughing, sharing, hiking... seeing and hearing each other for the first time . It felt like I was awake in dream. The hard work and hooplah of the last few months has left me rather exhausted. There's nothing like having special time with two beautiful and wise women to provide some well needed perspective.
Knowing how tired I've been, Margie stumbled upon this little gift in an antique shop.

It made me laugh and just about cry all at once.

I think many of us could use a little Sure Cure, don't you think? I love it so much, I might see if I can figure out how to make it into a pendant. Then I can wear Margie's humor and wisdom around my neck... and close to my heart... where she already is!
Thank you Margie... for knowing me... for seeing me!
Thank you Pat... for knowing me... for seeing me and living so close!

Here's to deepening friendships and real time together! We all need them! For more photos and a much more eloquent post about the weekend head over here.

See you on Tuesday... with a little shop update. Pin It


  1. What a wonderful tribute to friendship and I love that gift as well! The online world truly is an amazing thing, isn't it!?

  2. This is such a joy to read about! Thank you for sharing this, and I am so happy you all were able to enjoy each other in real time.

  3. What a fabulous weekend you had.

    I love your little chair & the cure for tired...can you send a little of that my way?

  4. Awww Maya, I am just soooo happy you girls had such a memorable weekend ! I wish I'd been there (I'd have brought muffins of course ahah !), you three are such amazing, talented & out-of-this-world women ! :)
    The gift from Margie is just the cutest ever. How clever & sweet is she ?!
    I hope you managed to recover from this *huge* (emotionally speaking) weekend ;-) Take good care my friend. xoxoxo much love

  5. That 'sure cure' is such a funny and cute idea! Here's to great weekends with friends!

  6. I saw Margie's post last night and flipped out when I saw the falls. I love stories like this...we will have one too some day. In case you did not read it yet, I commented there about the 3 of you...."There is such a remarkable creative energy in the area and the 3 of you probably increased it 10-fold! I long for my own day to meet, to hang out with and share with another artful soul I have met online. Lucky, lucky lucky the 3 of you!"

    That chair is priceless! It must have been where it was waiting for her to pick up just for you!

  7. I slept like a baby kitten last night after having spent the best weekend with girlfriends ever. I have so much to share that little post I wrote last night was only a little glimmer of what will come. Hugs, sweet Maya, and don't forget to leave a little room on that chair for me when I need a little rest :)

  8. It is fun to meet blogmates in person. I have too (2) one in Canada, Kelly who got me started on blogging, and Cris artist in Oregon, both last summer while traveling by car cross country.
    I'd love to go to Europe and meet those there and Austraila for more there and, and, and...I'd be a world traveler if I could...

    Your find is delightful as is your crocheted (?) snail!

  9. What an amazing little gift! Those are the best kind...creative, vintage and from the heart.

    So glad you've made such good real life bloggy friends. I am truly envious. Sometimes having an anonymous blog (like mine) has its downfalls.... I'll have to live vicariously thru you guys!

  10. That is just wonderful. So nice to meet someone from blogland IRL. I haven't yet.

    And that chair in a tin is absolutely lovely and amazing.

  11. With blogs bringing so many people together these days, it's almost more amazing that you met Pat!

    What a funny little trinket - and a reminder that people (women) have been feeling tired for a long time, and have had friends to share those real parts of life with too. Ya gotta have friends!
    I can totally see that as a pendant - please remember to model it for us!

  12. What a delightful weekend! I love hearing the stories of how friendships were formed. It seems that the most special ones are always meant to be through serendipity.

    It's wonderful you were able to meet Margie in person, and the gift that she gave you is beautifully special -- quite a wonderful cure!

  13. Your friendship is a beautiful gift to me, and I've grown so much from your constant encouragement, your fearless, honest expressiveness, and your ability to create such beauty from humble materials. You are a gem, and I hope the Sure Cure works for you. Thank you for hosting an earth-moving weekend.

  14. So glad you all had time to reflect (and rest?) and enjoy the beauty of your creations! I love the lucky gifts you received!

  15. what a lovely post it was so inspiring to read, thank you

  16. How wonderful to have spent time with kindred souls. You all write so beautifully about the weekend!

    Do take some time to rest, Maya. Take care-

  17. What a treat to witness your deepening friendships this weekend, perfect happenstance and quite inspiring... as you always are!

  18. Connecting through cyberspace is wonderful but real life time spent face to face is sublime. I'm so happy you were able to connect with both Pat and Margie. What a blessing for you and for those of us here who get to read about your heartfelt time spent together.

    Thanks for sharing,


  19. How AMAZING!! I totally am with you on the meeting of blog friends... It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! I loved reading your story.... and you better hold onto your little chair because I just may want to come steal it! xo

  20. Wow! I could use a one of those "Sure Cures!"
    And congrats on the Country Living page.

    P.S. I enjoy your blog! And added you to my blog roll.

  21. How wonderful that you met!
    I wish I could meet you all, in real-touch-smell-hear life.
    What grew you so tired? I haven't been much in touch lately, and I just wonder...
    Hope you feel rested already!

  22. I read about your weekend on Pat's and Margie's blogs! How wonderful that you three got to spend time together. Looking forward to reading the further revelations from your weekend together. Can't think of a more wonderful mix of women!
    p.s. that little box and chair are incredible!