Thursday, April 2, 2009

gather 'round

Wow! That gather bucket was a bigger hit than I had expected! I see my family is in good company with our nature collecting habit. So without further ado... the winner is Lynn. Lynn plans on gathering with her grandchildren. Hooray Lynn! Please contact me via e-mail with your mailing address and preference for the toadstool or Goldfinch Moleskine notebook. For all of the rest of you, I hope you jump in and make your own collecting buckets. I will be selling a small and large one for the non-sewers in the upcoming weeks, but what do you think I'm most excited about? Those Gather Bucket Kits! Sounds like there is enough interest to create a tutorial and package up the components. The pleasure in making something with your own hands is so satisfying, that I want everyone to give it a try. This is why I enjoy sharing tutorials so much... and I do try to balance the sewing ones with the crafting ones: to make it fun for everyone.

I promised you some references for sharing nature with children. In the process of collecting my book list (and checking in with my mother, the most amazing nursery school teacher in the world... along side my grandmother of course!), I realized it was time I did some organizing for all of you. I hope to put together a little bookshop of sorts, inspired by Amanda's, to share all of my resources. There are just too many for one post. In the mean time, check out this little list from last year and be sure to look in the comment section, because Margie added some great sources also. These are a couple of the worn and loved ones that I've picked up over the years, often at garage sales, so they might be a little dated... but still so good!

Click on the picture for a closer look and Google any that might interest you. I have others out on loan ( I actually have a such a big library from homeschooling days that I end up lending a bunch), so it will be fun to put them all together in a master list... thank you for reminding me how much I've wanted to do that... your input makes this so much more of a conversation, and I just love that!

p.s That one little Love Letter Pillow was snatched up quick... now I know to make more! I just cut out 7 pieces of linen... look for more pillows next week. Pin It


  1. This is such an amazing space for your children! And your gather bucket kit is a great idea Maya. Thank you Maya, and thank you Margie, for the references.

  2. What a wonderful space! I feel such a sense of adventure and curiosity in the space. I look forward to the day where I can share this with my future children :)

    I look forward to your gather bucket kits! I really appreciate how you are thinking of sewers and non-sewers (unfortunately, such as myself) alike.

    I also had the fun opportunity to publish two of your lovely mum's photos on my blog today! :) Ladder lovers unite!

  3. Love the kit idea - hope you do it cuz I want one!

  4. Oh! So many nice things! I like this blog!

    Ljo :O)

  5. mccloskeyae@appstate.eduApril 2, 2009 at 2:44 PM

    Maya - This little bird bottle opener reminded me of your pretty stencils and stamps.

  6. Thanks Maya for being such an inspiration! I'm making 16 little bags for my daughter's class field trip into the woods next Friday.

  7. Hi Maya :)
    Oooh thank you so much for link to a previous post of yours, I'll have a look at it thoroughly tomorrow, P's been sick all evening. :(
    I'm so happy you've considered to make Gather Bucket kits, I'm sure lots of persons are interested !!
    I hope you got my Flickrmail, as I did get your extraordinary parcel today ..... :D
    Thank you so much, Maya, sweet Maya. You're so awesome. Always.
    xoxo take good care !

  8. Oh Maya! Thank you so much for sharing all of these with us! I just love it! And CONGRATULATIONS! Imagine my delight and surprise to open up this month's country living and see two of your wonderful burlap creations in there! YAY! It was funny, because I thought " I have to call Maya!" :) Of course, realizing I couldn't actually do that! (hee hee) I am so proud of you! Always!

  9. It's so lovely being out in nature - whatever your age! Maya - I've just linked to you in my sidebar, I hope that's okay with you. If not, please do let me know.
    Diana x

  10. Maya, HUGE Congratulations on your publishing in such a good magazine! How proud you must be and rightly so! I will look for a copy!

    I am feeling excited as well learning I won the wonderful gathering bucket. My computer will not let me see your email address so please email me at and I will continue our conversation! Thank you so much. My grandkids will love it and we will all use it together!