Tuesday, March 24, 2009

more to celebrate!

I have some exciting news to share about my buckets. They are now being sold at one of my all time favorits places, Three Potato Four. To have them be a part of such a beautifully curated shop is an honor. I'm so happy!! Thank you Janet & Stu for inviting my buckets to join your shop. More will be available at designs maya*made later on next month. Now, before you go thinking, how does she find the time to do all of this... let me assure you that I am not super human... nor am I crazy. Remember that post about motherhood and balance? I've found another pair of expert hands to assist me when needed. I was fortunate to find an amazing mother, a talented artist, and skilled sewer just around the corner. I live way out in the country with cows for neighbors and only a few houses per mile. Do you realize how incredible it was to find lovely Kate? More on Kate and her own phenomenal work coming up soon... as well as a little DIY over at the barn!

And about yesterday's incredible turn out... wow! I'm so grateful that you all found your way to maya*made this year... Thank you for sharing your stories about how you got here. I enjoyed reading each and everyone!! So many of you have joined me through the Crafty Crow, my go-to source for all things crafty with children. Quite by surprise, I discovered that we share the same birthday! Happy Anniversary to the Crafty Crow. Does that mean that our blogs share the same astrological sign? I always knew we were kindred spirits! Pin It


  1. Hey, was just checking on Flickr and saw this pop up. Your buckets are meant for them as much as that SOLD honey bee chart was meant for me that they HAD!

    How wonderful to Kate so near by, that was "sew" planned out by the heavens or something. I know the challenges of having cows for neighbors. Can not wait to see more on Kate...and the barn (do I really want to torture myself with that...I can only imagine Maya, how lovely it is going to be)

    Have a Bee-utiful day!!!

  2. Maya, your buckets are a perfect match with 3P4! Congratulations!! And how exciting to find some sewing help, and so nearby :)

  3. You did it! Good on you Maya.

    Looking forward to "meeting" Kate too.

  4. The buckets are right at home at Three Potato Four--they look great!

  5. Congratulations on your new home for your buckets at Three Potato Four, and for finding Kate! I can't wait to meet her! Have a wonderful day!

  6. Congrats!! How exciting!

    ...... they have an awesome shop for sure!

  7. My oh my I have missed a lot this week!!

    First Maya, Happy 1 Year Anniversary! I love that the 1 year candle is a thread that runs through your family and blog.

    Secondly, that is wonderful news about maya*made creations at Three Potato Four!! I'm so happy for you, and I know that even more wonderful, exciting things are on the horizon for you.

    I wish you a happy weekend Maya!!