Thursday, March 26, 2009

peaceful palette

An evening or two ago, I glanced out the window as I was preparing dinner and realized that my favorite dusk light had returned. Oh, how I missed it all winter long! During this golden glow is when I love to grab my camera. Every photo looks incredible at this special moment, and it's fleeting so you have to be quick. Chopping onions could wait! I grabbed my new gorgeous eggs from a friend (Kate) and ran outside. As I arranged them in the bowl on my old white picnic table I had an epiphany. Well, before the epiphany, I called for everyone to come outside (it wasn't that warm, mind you) and admire these stunning eggs all aglow. They humored me for a moment and then ran back in to the warmth of the wood stove. I stayed shivering and beaming at the colors that have inspired my life for so long. My revelation wasn't that new to me, just a deepening. I choose these very colors over and over again because they bring me peace and a sense of calm... they are nature's palette: browns, creams, pale greens: all neutrals. I choose them because they nourish me. Color has such a powerful impact on how we feel. I think the last two weeks of reading Elsita's new blog, The Hidden Seed, has brought a heightened awareness to the color choices I make. Definitely go check it out if you haven't already.

We are all so unique... I'd love to hear what colors or palettes inspire and nurture you.

*Ameraucana hens lay the most amazing pale blue-green eggs! Pin It


  1. I love all the colors found in nature but I must say in dressing lately I am really drawn to the contrast between shades of grey and a brighter color such as red, golden yellows and warm greens. I have been really enjoying Elsita's new blog and think she looks wonderful in every color.

  2. You know, that sounds so familiar. I couldn't quote it, but I'm pretty sure Martha Stewart uses eggs as her palette inspiration too. Great minds think alike!

    Lately, I'm loving anything COLOR. Watermelon, lavender, basil...alright color and food. Those are my inspirations ;o)

  3. oh, i know. I realised just the other evening that the amazing evening light is back and my heart and soul were so happy. And, so relieved!!!

  4. Being a mom I tend to wear
    what ever I reach for in
    the bleary wee morning
    before coffee.... I do not
    own anything that has not
    been marked by children
    or housekeeping.... but the
    colors that draw me in time
    and again is foresty colors
    deep browns lush greens
    and mushroomy tans and
    oranges. I love mossy
    greens alot. I think that
    one of my favorite colors
    is the small pods that
    come from the moss... that
    deep red. Lovely.
    But I am really loving the
    colors of those two eggs!!

  5. Wow, I never knew eggs could be so beautiful! Wonderful palette. Pale, calming colors inspire me too, maybe it's because my life is so hectic these days.

  6. i was first drawn to your photostream and then your blog by the colors in your photos and in the things you create.
    i too am drawn to a natural palette, and you have a gift for capturing these calming colors.

  7. I have a love for the colours of the sea. From soft grey to the bright turqoise.
    But the colours of the eggs have something special too. Especially when they are so beautiful on a plate like yours.

  8. Oh, these are beautiful! I love the evening light. We must all be on the same spring wavelength--I photographed some celadon eggs last week on my blog. Thanks for sharing!

  9. maya you described the light and vision so well...and you are so right quick.
    color and texture moved me today:
    looking glass

  10. Aren't they gorgeous???! We have an assortment of our own laying hens, including a bunch of Ameraucanas. This is what our daily egg basket looks like and every single day it fills me with awe and beauty.

    That said, grey is the color I've discovered (for myself) lately. Never been much of a grey person, preferring ANY other colors, but I'm really loving how grey plays along with other colors and sets them off.

  11. i do love those colors too. i tend to go for darker shades of green, brown, gold, brick red. i love it when i bring something new into our home and it blends just right. it's an affirmation that i really do know myself (if that makes any sense). but my daughter told me a few weeks ago that i dress in swamp colors like shrek. huh. i suppose tan pants and an olive green sweater do look a little swampish.

  12. These could be my own eggs from my own hens. I love them


  13. I can't wait 'til I get my chickens and have beautiful eggs!

  14. looking at these eggs..the perfect shape and soothing colors..i feel so peaceful and comforted.

    i love so many different palettes..
    at the moment, an ultra saturated color-combination of raspberry and violet and deep indigo make me feel inspired and stimulated in a soothing way.

    i never get tired of soft pale dusty blues and greens..the colors of your's always nice to feel comforted. :)

    thanks for your beautiful blog maya.

  15. Thanks for the reminder about how beautiful nature is. Remember Martha Stewart's Arucana Eggs? I still have that picture somewhere in a book.

  16. So funny-last night I put on my list of blog ideas "nature's color combos." Because I had a similar epiphany while on a hike this weekend--I realized I must love brown and blue together so much because I am always looking up at trees, and admiring the silhouette of the branches against the sky. And I love bright colors like the birds that peek back at me from those branches, especially the cardinals.

  17. Lovely! We keep chickens and raise Araucanas. Their eggs are just so beautiful. I used a photo of their eggs for my Etsy shop banner. Combined with the brown eggs that is certainly one of my favorite color palettes as well.

  18. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! I especially love the solo speckled egg. I feel like that egg somehow.

    I just saw quinceandquire's celadon eggs yesterday, and they are gorgeous, too. I'd had to say that celadon, orange, turquoise, aqua, pale yellow, lime, and deep brown move me the most.

  19. Your choice of the word "nourishing" is so perfect for how these colors feel to me. I also am drawn to the soft tones of the earth, particularly light browns, soft sagey greens, warm creams and clay pinks. Our home is as undyed and unadulterated as we can manage and we feel so nurtured here. In addition, a color I have found really uplifts me and excites me is soft turquoise/aqua - something right between the scarves elsa wears in her yellow and white posts.

    Thank you Maya, for sharing this! We too are enjoying the return of the light immensely!!

  20. I love all colors..... and these eggs are gorgeous by the way!..... I would have to say that the light blues and grays with a pop of orange or turquoise every now and then just make me happy:)

  21. Although I could never pick a "favorite" or even a favorite palette, blue seems to be my constant... pale green-blue gives way to robin's egg moves into nearly-black navy with change of mood and season. As for nature's inspiration, it's all there, but the sky is a real daily comfort and inspiration to me.

    Who lays the speckled egg?

  22. I don't think my miserable husband would have come out to look at eggs, no matter how beautiful...

    I'm not sure which colours I pick. I noticed last December that most of my wardrobe is black t-shirts, but I think that's because I have kids. The rooms in my house are painted fairly cheerful colours. Then yesterday I bought 5 skeins of yarn, just because I saw the colour combination and just couldn't leave the store without it. They're not my usual colours and I'm not even sure what I'll make with them. I guess my palette keeps evolving.

  23. oh, the eggs are lovely! such peaceful, meditative colors. we are going to get chickens this year, and i was thinking of getting auracanas because of the color of their eggs.

    personally, i love shades of green and draw inspiration from the foliage of the plants in our garden.

  24. I so know what you mean about scrambling to catch a fleeting moment of perfect light. Such a gorgeous shot, such gentle colours and the texture is perfect!