Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the latest!

Oh my, I'm getting quite back-blogged these days. I have so much to share and not enough hours in each day. This little post will be devoted to the latest news. So here we go!

I was so thrilled to discover that today's guest curator on The Storque (Etsy) had chosen my buckets for part of her montage. When I discovered that the curator was none other than Marichelle of heart handmade, I jumped up and down. It was a double gift, since I love her blog and all that she does so much. Thank you Marichelle!

As spring approaches, I'm getting so excited to teach at Squam! The lively buzz that the returning and new participants are sending out is contagious. This retreat sounds like a life changing experience for both the student and the teacher. I'm beyond thrilled to be involved, and am so excited to spend time with some of you in such an inspiring and nourishing setting. Holly, at decor8, just did a wonderful interview with Elizabeth ,the founder and creator of Squam. It really brought to life what this magical art retreat is all about. So worth reading. What a wonderful opportunity to give to yourself!

Next up, I'm happy to announce that I'll be holding a series of local Saturday workshops this spring, as well. Two of them will be at The Barn! None of these gorgeous poppies in spring, but still quite magical. I'll be posting all of the details March 2.

Be back soon with some of the fun I've been having with printing! Pin It


  1. i hear you on the back-blogged dilemna - i haven't shared most of the things i made back in december...and it's almost march (horray!). congrats on the etsy feature - your buckets really are spectacular. and it seems everyone is talking about squam. too bad that it's so far away ~

  2. Yay for the Etsy feature! Your work is so beautiful and more than deserves to be featured. Remember when I found out that Pottery Barn had been reading your blog? ;)

    I wished I lived closer so I too could attend an amazing class taught by you in THE barn!

  3. Fantastic news bulletin from Maya*made*in heaven land. I am so excited and happy for you. You will be the best teacher Squam has ever had.
    pottery barn eh :)

  4. Great to see you're getting lots of well-deserved attention!

    Ohhhh.... I'd love to come to a workshop in the barn. It looks like such an inspirational place.

    What time of year do poppies flower? (That seems like a dumb question, but I've swapped between Northern and Southern Hemispheres too often to have any grasp on what happens when....)

  5. I was so happy to see Marichelle and you in the storque too! Conatulations, Maya!
    And workshops at the barn?? Oh, I am so there!

  6. Congrats, it looks fabulous!!!

    Hey, you best be checking with my availability before the barn workshops! That is something I could totally do. Hit my moms on Friday come play on Saturday and head back to the hills on Sunday. So exciting Maya!!


  7. What a beautiful picture...would love to be walking thru the poppies right now! Congrats on being featured at one of your fave blogs...what a wonderful treat!

  8. congratulations on all of your great news!
    oh my goodness..maya!
    i can't tell you how excited i am that you're holding classes at THE BARN!
    since i'm just down the road,
    i will definitely be there.
    i'm jumping up and down now. :)

  9. Oh I wish I could come...workshop..barn..sounds perfect!!

  10. Oh, my! Sucg exciting news!
    I would give ANYTHING to be in a workshop with you at the barn... Sigh.