Monday, February 9, 2009

friends in Australia

I hope you all had a safe and restful weekend. I'm so heartsick about the fires that are destroying so much in Australia right now. Through blogging I've made several good friends in the Melbourne area and can't help but have them in my thoughts. Even though I've never been there, the internet has made me feel like these bloggers... women... friends are my neighbors. If you'd like to offer any assistance, Pip, at Meet Me At Mikes is gathering supplies for needy families and has instructions for how and what to offer. Please check here. Every little bit helps. Pin It


  1. Thanks for your kind thoughts, Maya - and for spreading the word about efforts to send help to the people who have lost everything - often including their families, friends and neighbours as well as their homes.

    We're all completely overwhelmed with shock, disbelief and grief here. We're used to dealing with bushfires but nobody has ever seen devastation on this scale before... and the fires are still burning.

  2. Maya, I haven't been there since I was a kid, and only know a few people from the area, but as an Aussie, it has hit hard. I compleatly agree with Nikki. It's not just Victoria, it's the whole country that's been devastated by this.

  3. Thanks Maya, we have family who were lucky enough to save their house, but now have nothing to feed their cattle...

    I'm so glad that we live in the city right now

  4. Its so hard right now.
    My friends had to flee and stay with us all weekend as the surrounding towns were on fire. Thankfully their house survived.
    My friend is right now fighting with nieghbours to save thier homes. They probably will not be able to keep their efforts up much longer. The wind keeps changing and they just cant keep up.
    My sister lives on a farm with her boyfriends parents. The whole farm is gone. everthing but the house. They only fled when the fires reached their property. She saw all the cows burning to death.
    Another friend was at a wedding reception. They looked out the window and the flames came over the hill. The 100+ guests were evacuated and now there is nothing left of the reception hall.
    We have clients with b&b's right in the thick of the fires. They are gone. We aren't even sure if they got out in time.

    This is what tragedy is.

  5. My heart goes out to all our friends in Australia as well. I have a problem with the "there is a reason for everything" answer because there is no reason for the devil's work on innocent people. I was even more heartbroken after reading Renee's comment. I think they did just arrest someone for starting one of the fires...I can not type my thoughts about this person right now, or ever.