Tuesday, January 27, 2009

burlap and buckets...

Have any of you been wondering what happened to the burlap buckets... or where is that shop update? I've been having so much fun making elf slippers and baking pretzels, that I've let January slip right by! Well, that's not quite true. I've been spending a lot of behind the scenes time working on new burlap designs and revamping my old patterns, so that I can make the most of each coffee sack. I created my original pattern with the loose weave of burlap as my guide. Now that I really understand this sturdy and unique material, I'm much more confident as I create patterns that will make the most of every inch of a coffee sack. You know how I loathe waste. I've held onto each scrap for future projects, but I'm excited to incorporate my "waste not, want not" mantra into each new bucket. I'll unveil the new and improved bucket later on this week. My shop update will include some original buckets, some new buckets, pin cushions, cork boards, and a few little surprises to be shared, as soon as they're ready. I think of my coffee sack cork board as my launching pad for working with burlap. It's still getting some attention, three months later.

I've refined the process by giving them a nicely finished back with mounting hardware already installed, perfect for hanging in your studio or office. These two were custom orders.

back view

Soon, I'll have some smaller ones ready for designs maya*made. Perfect for shipping!

Here are two other buckets I've made recently. Both in cotton. This one was a hand stenciled birthday gift for a very dear and close friend. Read her kind and generous words about it, here. (While you're over there, read her previous amazing post, too. No one writes like this brilliant woman!)

This next bucket is reversible with pockets in Amy Butler fabric ( a special request).

So that's the scoop! Mark your calendars for a shop update on Friday, February 6th. I'll give you a couple of reminders as the day approaches. I'd really love to take more special requests/custom orders, but I've learned that a limited schedule to craft/sew dictates my priorities. My biggest priority for maya*made is this blog. I absolutely love sharing my adventures in creative living. You make it so rewarding. Without this blog, I'd probably still be growing sprouts... but how fun to know lots of friends are joining in, too! What a wonderful community! Pin It


  1. Oooh weee Maya !! Everyone just loves your burlap buckets & boards ! You make such an amazing job on them ! Everyone will have an eye on your shop on the 6th, me included !!
    Boy do I understand what you mean by prioritizing ...
    Sending you my sweetest hugs xoxo take care !

  2. Love your buckets and boards Maya.
    Great and so useful.

  3. Maya, I have been using that great mantra as well. I have so much here to work with. You have uniquely added class to burlap, a sentence that even sounds odd. Well I guess that is the Maya touch! You rock girl and your blog efforts keep the spirit of other bloggers and artists awake!!!

    BTW...I am sending out the box of goodies for "Little M" today...and am loving the idea of a blue bee bucket!

  4. Everything looks gorgeous Maya - you've been super busy.

  5. I do hope you will have a knitting caddy bag like the gorgeous one you gave Pat in the shop for the update. That would be my dream bucket.
    Do you think you can catch more dreams in a bucket than a dream catcher:)

  6. oh Goodie! I really could use a canvas bucket to hold my knitting supplies.

    My father-in-law made a coffee sack covered cork board for my mother-in-law- it's really neat!

  7. Hi!

    I LOVE your goodies, and I know my readers would too!
    I did a post on my blog yesterday about Burlap Sacks, and would love to do a follow-up post linking to your posts on burlap bulletin boards.
    Would that be okay with you?

    The Lettered Cottage

  8. I can think of like 1 million things to do with these! Perfect!

  9. I was in a coffee shop this week and I noticed that they were pinning employee photos to the wall. I couldn't stop thinking about how gorgeous your boards would look hanging there against the brick wall.

  10. I am absolutely in love with your blog (and your buckets). you were definitely my first inspiration in getting creative after years of not doing anything! Your posts continue to sustain in times where inspiration is thin and time is short...though I am not convinced by the spouts(too many bad salad bar experiences as a child!). However, I do live in a country where its green all year round, sometimes I actually crave the barrenness of winter.

  11. Very Cool!!! However those words aren't enough to adequately describe them are they? My husband was talking last week about pretzels for the superbowl game. And what do I find a few days later? Your recipe!! Well, the kids and I made them for Dad, since we can't have wheat and I have to say THEY WERE VERY VERY GOOD!! DH agreed too! I'm not supposed to eat wheat, but had to try them(just a pinch though).
    Thank you for your blog, it is very inspiring. I am also one that works into the wee hours in order to get my "stuff" done. The pretzel post inspired me to get going on my baking that I have been neglecting. THANKS!!! Sometimes we just need a little nudge.

  12. You gotta post something if you ever find a way to make the wood carrying burlap bags! Of course, you could let me know if they just arent' strong enough...so I don't get my hopes up too much! Thanks!

    Your work is so inspiring!

    Let me know if you have any ideas of what to do with 1,000s of wine corks! My Dad has made enough trivets for everyone in our lives and cork boards & small baskets, too. Maybe you have some creative ideas!? (or would like us to ship you a couple hundred to play with!)

  13. These are great. Love both buckets & boards. Utilitarian and pretty!

  14. I love the bucket you made for your friend. I saw it on her blog and loved it there too. The flowers are simple but add so much to the design.

  15. I LOVE your burlap creations, big and small. The cork boards are magnificent, as are your beautiful burlap bags.

    I appreciate your mantra and truly believe that all the little things we do to reduce our waste adds up to a beautiful world :)

  16. The stenciled bucket is my favorite. What a flowing design.

  17. I love these! you are so talented!! I may have to steal your coffee sack board idea! super cool!


  18. Girl all of this is just fantastic!! I love, love, love the bulletin boards!! I can't wait to see the new buckets! Xoxo

  19. GAH! Ack! swoon! *sigh* sputter.....but, but.....
    I MUST have one! I can't take it anymore! These are all so incredibly gorgeous! The corkboard! The bucket with the gorgeous blue stenciling! The reversible one! ACK! Oh, I'll be there! You know it!
    Melis :)

  20. Saw that beautiful birthday bag on Pat's blog! Really cool things you are creating!

  21. I will have to mark Feb. 6 on my calendar. I splurged on two buckets during your last shop update and had been hoping you'd make more soon. The small ones are perfect for little hands. My two kids, ages one and three, love to put toys in them and carry them around. And I love how sweet and serene their little play table looks with the little bucket on top, filled with blocks or finger puppets or whatever happens to be the toy of the moment. I enjoy your blog for the inspiration to get creative with my kids, and for the pretty images, especially of vintage items. So thank you for putting so much time and effort into your blog! (r8ermom)

  22. are these buckets for sale or is there a pattren soi can make one of my own

  23. Thanks you! For now, these buckets are only for sale. A pattern may be available some time in the future.