Wednesday, November 19, 2008

waste not, want not

Thanks for all of your snow enthusiasm yesterday! I grew up in San Francisco, without the seasons. Although I don't always enjoy feeling cold, I've learned to embrace winter. I especially love how magical it makes the holiday season feel. There's something special about crafting with a cozy wood stove nearby, and a snowy scene out your window. The little acorn sachet/ornament was a test for an idea I have for family gifts, as well as some for you in my shop. I'll be using the scraps from the coffee sack buckets combined with my nature prints. I am surrounded by evergreens, so I'll fill them up with lovely pine needles, too. Mmmm... such a wintery smell, I love it! Expect to see some at designsmayamade in the next couple of days. Do you have scraps in your sewing room? How could you turn them into something special for the holidays? Don't sew? So many things in your home can be repurposed... try looking with fresh eyes. You may surprise yourself!

I've just listed three more large coffee sack buckets in the shop. A couple more smalls and a medium are on the way...

If you want to try making some cloth containers of your own, whip up has a great round-up of tutorials right here. Pin It


  1. I was just going to ask if you had any more buckets listed!

    Have a great day! :)

  2. I can just smell that pine sachet right now! What a great ornament for the front door or on a doorknob! It's beautiful! As usual, I'm impressed with how you've made something so elegant from such humble materials! And, oooh, wouldn't a pine cone look great stenciled on one (I think you mentioned this to me last night on the phone, but I was bleary.)

  3. Thank you for the website for tutorials of making the baskets! I appreciate you passing on information.

  4. leave it to my friend maya, to save the world and create beautiful things in the process...I love this ornament so much! xo t

  5. I live in the SF bay area and think going to MN for Xmas each year as my dive into Winter. It's pretty while there but I sure would not want to live in it full time.
    In fact it's taken years of visiting to realize I do not have to wear ten layers of clothing to be there. (Maybe on a hike on a very cold day...but the houses are all too hot and the walk from car to place short enough for fewer layers. I am learning.

    Cute ornaments!

  6. I love your beautiful organic ornament maya.
    You are changing the world one handmade object at a time :)