Monday, November 24, 2008

technical difficulties...

Hi friends,
I haven't had any internet action ( DSL is down in my area) for 24 hours. I'm writing to you from the library... and hoping that it's being fixed as I type. Mystery Toilet Paper Tube Tutorial is on the way... see you soon! Pin It


  1. I'll be busy accumulating more empty rolls while I wait. Hope for your sake that it gets fixed swiftly!

    Enjoy the library in the interim.


  2. OH YES!!! I have been collecting tp rolls for probably a year! I will anxiously await your tut! and wow, I was ABOUT to recycle them!!

    I collect them because my daughter has a hard time throwing things away that can be used for crafts. So think about how many glass jars, egg cartons, plastic berry containers and tp rolls I have! BILLIONS. :)

    although it's a burden sometimes trying to store them, my daughter feels so good about reusing them when we do and I feel good that she CARES about the environment!

    Probably half the reason I wanted your give away little sac! That could have held the bread tie things she continues to collect~ :)

  3. I was wondering where you have been! I hope they fix it quick! Can't wait to see the video!