Tuesday, October 21, 2008

thanks design*sponge!

Just a quick note...I wanted to give a big thanks to Grace, at Design*Sponge, for putting up my "Sack Hack" tutorial this morning. I really appreciated all of your great ideas in the comment section, as well. You are such a creative bunch... I love it when you join in! Keep those ideas coming... Pin It


  1. congrats! i just saw this on design*sponge and loved the idea... only to find out that you are in ithaca too! nice to "see" another ithaca blogger- you have great ideas to share. thanks! i just shared the post with my gimme friends, they'll be happy to see the finished product for sure! i think i need some sacks too.
    great blog! *sarah

  2. It's on Apartment Therapy's re-nest today too! Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations maya that's great. Wow, design*sponge, I'm so excited for you, hope you get big traffic #'s..... Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for your help with my blog tech question. I finally got it to work YAY!!!!

  4. Congratulations, you look great there...well here too. I can just smell the burlap. We have some feed bags somewhere.

    Happy bee-lated bee-lated bee-day to you mom.

    ps...just tagged you! now I am making a quick exit...

  5. lock here:




  6. my famous friend Maya...has a nice ring to it, don't you think? xxoo

  7. awesome congrats!!

    ok now do not hate me but i tagged you for a meme that i was tagged for. have fun with it. xo kristin see my blog for the meme.

  8. psssst...I though of you today my flickr friend...go to my blog and check it out...xxoo

  9. Congratulations....love this idea!! I feel inspired to do something with all the burlap coffee bags we have here in Kona!!