Saturday, October 4, 2008

recycled window display for fall

I'm here to share my recent window display at Mama Goose...finally! It was a bit challenging to capture the end result in photos. I kept returning at different times on different days, just hoping that the reflections on the large planes of glass would have lessened. No such luck. I do enjoy that what happens to be reflected is the big, old tree in front of the store. I sure hope my local readers will go have a peek.

Here are some of the features:
-recycled materials
-local farms
-the woods

It's a small and narrow space to convey all of this and highlight new products and gently used clothing...but I love a challenge.

Some of my favorite components are:
-The only props I purchased were pumpkins that I picked or were bought from a farm stand on the way into town.
-The burlap coffee bean sacks lining the "stage" were rescued from my favorite coffee shop (Gimme!).
I climbed into the window for the next two shots, so that you can see how I hot glued those lovely newspaper leaves to branches...

and created a stuffed paper bag squirrel to hide between the paper bag toadstools.

A local craftsman fashioned several tree stumps into perfect stools for children trying on shoes . I had to snag one for this display.

I also gathered chestnuts and pine cones from my yard to scatter on the "forest floor".

Let's not forget about the paper bag/newspaper owl. Since you last saw him, he's gained wings and wire (newspaper covered) talons...the better to perch with. He makes me smile. I especially loved watching young children's first reactions to him...they sure know their owls, don't they!?

I'll be posting two simple tutorials for the newspaper Autumn bunting I used in both front windows...

and paper bag toadstools the next time you drop in.

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  1. That looks lovely! Thanks for sharing all the pictures.

  2. everything looks absolutely fantastic, autumn and environmentally friendly. I love your bunting with the giant acorns. I saw a tutorial about making the paper bag mushrooms via a link from Ann Wood's blog. She made a bunch for her window she did for a store named Johnstons. I am too tired to find the links for you but if you go to her blog it will be easy enough. Have a great start to your week.

  3. My favorites are the owl and the toadstools so I'm very excited about the upcoming tutorial. It all looks wonderful!

  4. I love, love, love it!! Everything came together so beautifully. The owl and toadstools are just brilliant - great job!

  5. Maya, WOW!!! I'm going to borrow your branches idea for my fall mantle-sometime before thanksgiving!! I love it all. You are so creative-

  6. I wish I had a store.. I would fly you in to make it a display! :)

    wonderful work.. doesnt it feel good to complete something challenging?! :)

  7. How lovely and Autumnal. I love the brown paper mushrooms and the acordsespecially. That Owl is really something special.

  8. Awesome! Thanks for posting this, and the bunting. I'm totally using your ideas when we decorate for my son's preschool carnival. Thank you!

  9. The window looks wonderful. A job well done!

  10. Stunning work, Maya. You're a very clever gal!

  11. Thanks you so much for all of your enthusiasm. I was so immersed in this project that it was difficult to see if it translated well. So thrilled that it's enjoyed by someone other than just me! Margie, you guessed the toadstool inspiration, and I just posted about it today!

  12. Looks utterly fabulous Maya! A great display of creative talents!

  13. you are so crafty! love it. i downloaded the leaves and but them in my shop, too! i love your window with the paper bag mushrooms and everything.
    twig in seattle

  14. Very creative.....we are going to use your ideas at my sons kindergarden . Thanks for putting your pic's on here. VERY CUTE!!!

  15. I love this we have a baby boutique in Kodiak alaska and my husband is helping me replicate your window could you tell me what size boards you used in the back ? thankyou i love your blog!

  16. hi , i love your blog thanks for all the ideas. I am wondering if you could tell me the size of the boards you used, im trying to replicate this in our baby boutique located in kodiak alaska ? thanks agian