Sunday, October 19, 2008

happy birthday mom!

I am so lucky to have you! We all are lucky to have you! So many of you have gotten a glimpse into my mother's world as you watch her settle into her dream "barn"( see the side bar if you're new here). Maybe you remember my Mother's Day post... and one or two of you might even remember my very first blog entry. My mother's presence here is a reflection of the tremendous role she plays in my life. I never take for granted how rare and blessed our relationship is...we've hit enough bumps along the way, to give me a true appreciation for how beautifully we love and support one another today! This next photo (one of my favorites) was taken 30 years ago on the lawn of her childhood home...the arrow points to my favorite detail: my sister's diaper pins attached to her shirt. I never noticed them until I was a mother, myself.

Magically never gets older
Yips and hollers when she's excited

Magnificent grandmother
wns her very first home/barn!
akes beauty with all she touches

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  1. Happy Birthday MOM!!! She's beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday, nicnacnan!! You wear it well!

    Maya, I can personally attest to what a wonderful and unique soul your mom is, and it shines through you, your kids, and all the amazing things she has collected and created. I'd love to read about how she celebrated this day!

  3. Lucky mom, lucky daughter.
    Admire your appreciation.
    I am sure she feels the same about you too.

  4. Like they say acorns don't fall far from the oak tree. You and your mom are amazing women and I am so blessed to be able to share in your lives through your blog. Thanks and happy birthday Maya's mom.

  5. awwe.. happy birthday and blessings to your mom!

    I love your blog, and I thought maybe you would play this little game I just played called "you're it"

    If you head over to my blog, I have the rules posted and my little confessions.. I thought it would be neat to hear some from you too! :D

    I wont be TOO offended if you dont play, but it was fun for me! :) Have a great week!

    ciao bella!

  6. Happy Birthday to your Mom! You are lucky to have one another!

  7. Oh, mamas and daughters... delightful and strange pair.
    Happy birthday to your sweet creative mama.

  8. I love that your mom still does her hair the same way. You two seem to have a fantastic relationship... how fun!!!

    Thanks for encouraging my dreams over at my blog!

  9. What a wonderful tribute to your mother. She sounds like a wonderful woman. I hope you shared a special day for your birthday.

    Treasure every moment you have with her.