Thursday, October 9, 2008

favorite fall books

I mentioned last week that I wanted to share some children's book reviews . Sometimes there will be new books hot off the press, but most often they will be well-loved classics pulled from the shelves of our home. These are two of our favorite fall classics that I'd love you to know about, if you don't already...

Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf
written and illustrated by Lois Ehlert
Many of Ehlert's books weave information and stories about the natural world with her incredible paper collages. Red Leaf, Yellow leaf is a simple and straightforward story of the life of sugar maple tree, beginning as a seedling. It's told from the viewpoint of the child who planted it and watches it grow. Bold and vivid Autums paper cuts and collages are mixedwith text appropriate for a young three year old, but stimulating enough for an older child. The back of the book is packed with facts and information about trees: from leaves to roots and sap. The final page gives detailed instructions on how to plant a tree. This is a wonderful companion book to any fall nature walks or leaf projects, so of course I had to point it out.

Winter Lullaby
written by Barbara Seuling
illustrated by Greg Newbold

Newbold's rich and detailed paintings stretch across each double-page spread and pull you into the magical time of a season in transition. Every other page asks a question about a different animal and how they respond to fall and the onset of winter. The following page answers the question and the text takes on a sing-song quality. Every member of my family can recite most, if not all, of this book from memory. It begins, "When the breeze blows the petals off the flowers, where do the bees go?...inside their hives till spring arrives." We all love the familiarity of the countryside in the illustrations...much of it feels like our home.

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  1. I love Lois Ehlert! She is so wonderful! Thanks for these reviews! I collect children's literature and it is always fun to hear different perspectives!

  2. Cute books. I'm going to have to look for those at the library!

  3. funny, we have both of these books checked out from the library right now and i just renewed them b/c we just can't let them go. might have to buy them for our collection!
    happy weekend!

  4. Thanks for the reviews, I've been looking for some new fall books. These look great!

  5. Beautiful books - I love it when the page expands on both facing pages.

  6. I like both books you show. Wish I could buy them here and read them in my class. thanks for showing.

  7. Thanks for those ideas. I put them both on hold at the local library. :)