Friday, September 12, 2008

you say tomato...

It's raining big, fat tomatoes at my house! Actually, the top photo is of tomatoes picked in the rain. I wait for this time all year long, but something always makes me crazy in the Spring and I over plant in wild anticipation of these juicy beauties come September. Now I'm scrambling to serve and preserve every last one of them. Here are some of my family's favorite ways to eat tomatoes:
Sliced cherry sungolds with fresh grape mozzerella and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

Roasted with eggplant, peppers, squash and onions on bed of linguini.

and our all time favorite...The Pestodilla!

Make a quesadilla (melted cheese in a folded tortilla) with mozzerella/and or goat cheese. After you take it off the griddle, add a generous dollop of pesto and slices of tomato. So simple, but everyone is thrilled and asks for seconds...even thirds!

Just a little reminder: today is the last day to enter for the custom order give-away. Please leave a comment here before midnight EST and I'll put your number into the random generator. I've been completely blown away by your wonderful ideas and am delighted that so many of you have de-lurked to come play.
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  1. I say tomARto & yours look wonderful.

  2. Are those homemade tortillas for your pestodillas?!? Yum!!

  3. Oh my god that all looks so good. I love tomatoes!! Our garden went to pot this year, so sadly we don't have tomatoes to put up. I need to head to the farmer's market and get some to can. We eat a lot of marinara/tomato sauces around here, plus chili and stews.

  4. Mmm. I am definitely trying that quesadilla of yours. pesto? never thought of that!

  5. Pestodilla?!>
    I'm making pesto today, anyway - looks like that just made tonight's supper menu.
    Corn on the cob and pestodilla....
    Thank you for a wonderful idea!

  6. Do you live near a nuclear plant? I planted tons of tomato plants in the spring and they have yielded zippo. The plants are 6 feet tall and produce absolutely nothing.

  7. Kirsty- I'd love to hear your Austrailan tomarto!
    Zencrafter- not homemade...whole wheat...we have made them,but not this time:)
    The mommy-thank goodness for the farmer's market
    briana and gayle- my son and I made pestodillas out of boredom a few years back and knew we were on to something instantly!
    Linda- sorry to hear about your crop. We planted our garden in an old horse pasture, needless to say the soil is quite rich. There are organic ways to increase production of a plant...but not even one little yellow flower. I'd love to come bring you some of our soil :)

  8. I'm jealous! My tomatoes never got huge this year. It's been an odd season of even weirder weather. I love the roasting on linguine idea! I'll have to try that.

  9. Oh, yum! We just finished supper. Fresh corn on the cob (picked after the water came to a boil) and pestodillas!
    You are a genius!

  10. we are also partaking in tomato love...fresh mozerella and tomatoes is my absolute favorite thing right now.

  11. I'm on my way over, save a chair for me! And while I'm there I'd like to admire the spoon collection, the art prints, and that new pillow!

  12. the pestodillas look and sound delicious

    I saw a good recipe for tomato pie if you're interested, here's the link

  13. we have as usually great crop of tomatoes and i tried drying them. they are so yummi in the foods that way

  14. you know, i really don't like tomatoes much at all, but i still can't help but think they are such a beautiful fruit. seeing pictures of them makes me wish I loved to eat them!

  15. Your tomatoes look so sweet and juicy, I can almost smell them. the smell of a green house full of tomatoes in the sun always brings me back to my Grandfathers garden.That aroma there is nothing like it.

  16. I am inspired!

    Here I am, sitting at the computer going, "I don't feel that hungry and I don't feel like making anybody dinner". Thanks to your yummy photos I'm off to do something with our tomatoes, maybe some garlic...