Wednesday, September 3, 2008

on my desk...

Well, it's still technically Wednesday...the day I participate in a sharing of what projects are on my desk with this growing group. My desk likes to travel. This photo was taken at nap time when I tiptoed out to the picnic table with my tray of:
~just picked sunflowers
~first apple of the season
~my two idea books and trusty clipboard (filled with notes from my last post's comment section)
~ supplies for a tutorial ...maybe up tomorrow, if I get a chance

So I hope you've had a wonderful day...I've been singing and dancing through mine, thanks to all of you!! I feel like my most creative moment on this blog was asking for your input in my give-away. You're all a bunch of geniuses!! Your ideas are fabulous and I'm writing each one down...sketching them out. This is so much fun! You know how much pleasure I get from creating new things...well I'm so excited to see whose number will be drawn so I can get to my assignment of fulfilling your request. One of my favorite parts about all of your wonderful comments, is meeting so many of you quieter readers, that have chosen to say "hello" and participate. So thank you all for your energy and well wishes... and if you haven't left a comment, please don't feel any pressure...but I do love meeting you. It makes maya*made more of a dialogue than one of my long monologues.

* a special note to clear up any misconceptions that I seemed to hear in your comments... This was not my son's
first year at school (he started at age seven), I just get to missing him so much on these first days, because I had him home with me for so long. I know I'm not alone in the mixed emotions of seeing summer come to an end. Relief and grief, side by side. Pin It


  1. I think that's such a great idea to keep a clipboard of ideas from your comments section. I don't know why I didn't think of it. I should do that, not only with my comments, but also with the other wonderful blogs out there that never fail to fill me with inspiration. Like this one. :)

  2. What a beautiful "on my desk". I would be way to embarrassed to take a picture of my desk at the moment. I'm usually very organized but there is a LOT of filing needed to be done! That's it I'm going to do it right now :)

  3. Oops! It seems that I am one of the missunderstanders about school... Sorry. I get it now.

  4. Kirsty- there's a you pick sunflower farm down the road.

    Rowena-I just started the clipboard routine and it's so helpful.

    I.- My desk is a mess...taking a tray to a peaceful place helped me escape the chore of straightening it and a lovely photo to share...two birds!

    Julie- no problem, my friend! Y