Wednesday, September 17, 2008

a little twirly skirt

I made a new skirt for my daughter last night. Every bit of it was thrifted, except for the thread. I love this soft faded red chambray. My favorite feature: the ribbon around the gathers, isn't really ribbon.

I didn't have anything that matched except this I made it! So satisfying to use only what you already have.

I'm really into this skirt, even with its wonk or two, because I learned so many new things a long the way. I can't wait to perfect it with another one. I'm going to confess something...I'm terrified of patterns. I've never really used one, unless I've made it myself. I make mine from clothes I own and know fit well and then sketch it onto newprint/paper. This skirt was no different. I modified and enlarged a skirt my daughter had outgrown. If you are an accomplished seamstress you might not want to read any further...but for those learning or who are like me, a long time sewer who joyfully muddles her way through each project, please read on.

My immediate sewing goals are to get over my fear and try a simple "bought" pattern (it's not like I don't own a bunch) and to make another skirt using these tips a dear friend told me after I made this skirt:
-when basting, to create a gather, use two rows of basting stitches...oh, you knew that...I'm so glad I know for the next one.
-to gather evenly, divide into sections (front divided in half and back divided in half) and pin at each division...sounds logical
-and my new favorite tip from Nikki who knows, I mean really knows, what she's talking about:
how to sew a straight hem or seam
In fact, here is her entire list of sewing tips and tutorials from her blog You Sew, girl! She really is quite amazing and you must check her out.

I'll be watching my girl twirl all day...

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  1. It's gorgeous Maya! Nikki is super good!

  2. oh... thanks very much Kirsty and Maya... Nice to know I can be a useful sort to have about the place!!

    LOVE the skirt Maya - particularly impressed with your "ribbon". BTW -The picture appeared a day early...!!? (I re-opened the link to your blog and itr was there!!).

    I find standard commercial patterns a bit scary, too. I make my own (and OFTEN trace worn and loved garments!!).

  3. Thanks so much for the tips. As a beginner at sewing, I can use all the help I can get!

    Love the skirt!

  4. Very sweet and I too am terrified of patterns, I would rather just get to the sewing and learn from mistakes....thankfully I have not made many

    great links too!

  5. the dress is beautiful! i shy away from commercial patterns, too. i bought a summer dress pattern that's been sitting beside my sewing machine glaring at me for months.

  6. I love the skirt! I don't understand the fear of patterns--I am scared to make something without a pattern!

  7. Nice job, Maya!
    Girl, I am right there with you on muddling though sewing projects. I went through a long phase of sewing, and even sewing my own line of handbags for a while! But have I ever done anything by the book? no.
    Lately, I have a huge aversion to sewing and I'm not sure why. I was like pulling teeth for me to sew the 2-inch straight repair on my husbands dress shirt last night. Yeesh.

  8. I see so many wonderful sewed creations by those who have followed patterns...I just assumed I was odd for not trying them. Love knowing I'm in such great company! It's great fun sharing when you're all so supportive..thanks!

  9. Love the skirt, and really love the ribbon idea. Very sweet.

  10. It looks just lovely! I'd like to make one myself for an upcoming wedding...just another project to procrastinate on :)
    Your sewing really impresses me...after that t-shirt refashion I assumed you were a pro!

  11. love the skirt! my 5 year-old saw the picture and has asked for one!

    i just found a huge bag of vintage ribbon and notions at goodwill for $3, so i'll have to dig thru and find something for her!