Tuesday, August 5, 2008

little chairs

I wanted to share some recent thrifty finds and let you see my growing collection of children's chairs. These busy summer days haven't left much time for garage sales, but one surprised me as I was driving by, and I screeched to a halt. These two little vintage school chairs had to come home with me. I also discovered some brown retro (maybe from the 70's) contact paper and my favorite new treasure box: a perfect wooden apple.

I have a weakness for chairs...adult or child...modern or vintage...I just can't seem to say no. This morning I lined up all my mini chairs (the majority are nursery school chairs from the 40's) in the front yard...I have TEN!

That doesn't even include the two I made for the Design*Sponge contest...TWELVE!
Guess I'm all set for our next party...musical chairs anyone?
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  1. What is it about chairs? I have the same weakness! I just got four vintage wooden school chairs on freecycle, and they are nifty! I'm using one in my office as an overflow area for my piles of books. The other three are waiting to come in once I clear out two more boxes of old files. Yay! And that's not mentioning the reading chair (also a freecycle find) that is waiting to be reupholstered!

  2. At least children's chairs are fairly small. My weakness is a nice desk!

  3. I love chairs too! Your finds are lovely indeed.

    Alexis from

  4. I love those kiddie wicker chairs! I remember your "new" ones from my days in elementary school. (I mostly remember the ones that pinched you where the veneer had split.)

    I love yard sales and thrift stores. Unfortunately, I have to try and stay away, as I accumulate too many goodies for my own good.

  5. I don't want to fall on that path, no I don't, I won't, I am tough, I can resist... Nope. I can't, though I tried hard to talk myself out of the love for chairs...
    Yesterday I went to the Tigre market, a place you certainly would love very much. They sell all kinds of fruits and organic produce, and also lots of decor things made out of wood, canes, and stuff from the islands of the delta. It's lovely (I forgot my camera, uf...). I resist the love for chairs... almost completely. there were some lovely iron samll ones... and I just bought a mini bench I have to paint. I'll post about it later.
    Your chairs are... awesome!!!

  6. I have to say I'm a sucker for children's furniture too. And the only thing stopping me from buying it is we have no room. One of my favorite items is a Javanese/rattan child's bench we own.

    Love all your little chairs. :)

  7. I left a comment here yesterday and it's not here now. did you read it? I was talking about how hard I try to resist my love for chairs...

  8. Well, I just started collecting old camera. I've got........ well, just two, but I want to add to the collection. I love the silvery look through my old Argoflex. :D