Thursday, August 14, 2008

life is but a dream

If only this could be my reality! Well it was...I remember the lazy days of summers long ago. My grandmother would let me set up the dyna (a feather bed from a trip to Iceland in the 50's) in the hammock under the maple tree. I'd curl up with a wonderful book and an ice-cream milkshake... hours would gently roll by, as I floated away to whatever magical place I was reading about.
I don't seem to have the luxury of 5 minutes, let alone hours, these days...but if I did, this is where I'd be. Sipping iced mineral water and reading all my craft books...or planning my fall knitting, maybe catching up on the latest Martha (I've had it for weeks and have only done a quick glance). Whether your reading time is limited, or you have plenty on your hands, check out the new virtual book club...for CRAFT BOOKS! Seems like a great way to preview future purchases or motivation to dive into the ones you already own.

Well...I'm off to clear my books away from the hammock "scene",so that I can invite my almost 10 year old down for some afternoon reading. It's his turn for a lazy summer. Recreating some of our favorite early memories with our children is one of the greatest pleasures of parenting.

We've got more company coming, so I'm whipping up some to come. I'm also working on future tutorials inspired by your interest. Thanks for checking in! Pin It


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  2. That ice cream milkshake sounds wonderful. A great memory to have. I can't believe how comfortable that hammock looks. I'm wishing you some good time to yourself that will remind you of your childhood days. Have a great Thursday.

  3. I love that place and that scene you set..!
    And it's true, that pleasure of sharing your own childhood memories or things you did with your own children is great indeed. I even remember my own happiness watching my mom sharing these things with me!

  4. Your space looks so inviting.

  5. Oh that looks heavenly. I want to go there!!

  6. this looks like an amazing place to relax. what a wonderful idea to lay down a feather bed for the afternoon. maybe next summer, once we actually get a hammock.

    beautiful images...

  7. Mmmmmm; I dream of days like this.

  8. Oh my God, looking at this pic I just want to have a garden at home, not sun and my kids and husband to lay there for 10 minutes!, lol...