Thursday, July 10, 2008


Last weekend's trip to New York City was so full of inspiration. Great designs were everywhere. Luckily, my mother and I know how to have a great time without spending a lot of money. We each bought one special item to bring home. I've been fascinated by the Japanese Pattern books I've been seeing around Blogland, but sometimes I need to hold something in my hands before I take out my wallet. Purl gave me just this opportunity. I had tried to visit several times on previous Manhattan trips, but it never seemed to work. It was either closed, or I couldn't squeeze it in. But now I was determined... Purl's blog, Purlbee, is on my blogroll and we are mutual Flikr bedroom is adorned with one of their tutorials...needless to say, I was determined.
This tiny little fabric shop was well worth the wait. The women who worked there were so sweet and helpful and the fabric was absolutely delicious! After caressing every bolt I could reach, I spotted the most beautiful Japanese design book- nani IRO. It's filled with gorgeous simplicity and bursting with mother/daughter inspiration. Home it came! Here's a glimpse...

I have to admit, this photo shoot, is about the only time I've sat down all week...thanks for giving me a good reason to breathe and have a glass of lemonade!

Here's my mother's NYC purchase...another piece of great design! This is the best folding step stool I've ever used. We're not big on plastic, but this is so light-weight and functional...I think it looks quite smart, too.

This is it snapping shut. It's ultra slim profile slips between the fridge and cabinets with room to spare! You can buy it on-line here.

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  1. Hello, Maya!
    Good finds. I wish I could be in Y roaming around and looking for inspiration...
    Quick question: do you know the name of that Nani Iro book, and where can I by it online?
    Thanks a lot.

  2. So much inspiration, so little time! I would love to see that Nani Iro book.

  3. I love glad you enjoyed your trip!

  4. What a fantastic trip! MOMA, Brooklyn, Purl...Thanks for all the vicarious peeks. Japanese craft books/magazines are on my birthday wish list. Looking forward to the vicarious open house too!

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  6. So glad I can share this with such appreciative friends!
    Julie- I'm having a challenging time researching Nani Iro, but I can tell you that this book includes her 2008 Spring fabric line so it's very current. I did stumble upon a wonderful blog by a veteran blogger living in Japan. She seems to have lots of resources so maybe you can visit her at:
    Smoothpebble- the book was MY birthday present to myself:)

  7. The Purl is one of those magical spots I hope to visit one day. Lucky you!

  8. Thank you, Maya! I'll check it out.