Thursday, July 24, 2008

last night at the barn

My wild and creative mother has always had a very strong sense of how she likes to set a stage and create a dramatic backdrop to our everyday moments. This is last night's very impromptu dinner at my mother's barn...where nothing is ever ordinary and everything is better in person than on film. Wish we could all have you over...
to light the candles...
set the table...
pick the bouquets for the centerpiece...

eat from my garden...
or the farm down the road..

the sky hasn't always been so blue in our we appreciate these magical moments even more!

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  1. You are killing me. I so want to be there... And all those red-white polkadots? Come on! Be kind to me...

  2. The candelabra kicks that simple get-together up a few notches into spiritual territory. And since it's a probably a first to have all of you gathered together like that, I think all the extra embellishments are called for. Enjoy!!

  3. Beautiful, wholesome...healthy. Love it. Would join you in a skinny minute. I think I can taste the fresh corn and beans all the way from here!

  4. I just discovered your blog via CRAFT and I just love everything about it. Even the banner, did you make that blanket? The newspaper hats below are such a smart idea, very clever.


  5. So lovely! I want my life to be like that!

  6. Your mother is so intriguing... she must be marvelous. No wonder talent, creativity and beauty ooze through all you post: it's in the genes!

  7. Thanks everyone...I know I've been scarce around here...lots of playing with my family!
    Kawaii Crafter- glad you like the's a little overdue for a change, but it still makes me happy. The blanket is a vintage chenille bedspread scored at a garage sale.

  8. OMG!
    Those dishes are the bomb diggity yo!
    I totally love them.
    Where did you get them?
    Did you make them?
    I must have kitchen is red & white & black...these would go so well.

  9. I always enjoy the posts about where you live...and the barn.

  10. That last picture is amazing.