Monday, July 28, 2008

hoop dreams

Hula hoops have quite a history. They've been around since the days of ancient Greece, when they were used for exercise, to 3000 years ago in Egypt where hoops of grapevine were rolled. They were rediscovered in the 1950's and became an icon of that era. Modern children and adults still find hula hooping a great form of exercise and just plain fun. A new craze seems to be sweeping around the world.

At a recent music festival all of the kids made their own hoops and we've been having a fabulous time practicing and learning tricks.

Chasing hoops down a slope is almost as fun as twirling them.

I'm getting pretty good at hula hooping, myself...and I love how the children get so excited to see a grown-up play. If you'd like to make your own, all of the materials are inexpensive and available at your local home building supply store. Click here for full instructions.

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  1. Oh, Maya! Your post is so timely for me: yesterday, out behind the barn, I discovered a large roll of the very hoop-making irrigation pipe the tutorial describes. Not knowing about homemade hula hoops at the time, I figured I'd have to store it, give it away or get into drip irrigation...but what a difference a day makes! Now I'll be making hula hoops for everyone I know. Thanks so much for your lovely and inspiring blog. Your photography and writing are brilliant.
    Your fan on Gopher Hill Road, Jandi

  2. Thanks for the link. My kids will love this!

    Alexis from

  3. So glad you're both going to give this a try!
    Jandi- I loved the serendipity of it all...let me know how it works out. I so happy just thinking of you making a bunch of hoops as gifts for everyone you know!

  4. What a great pictures of the hula-hoops.

    Is that your backyard? It looks gorgeous. I live in CA so we have tiny yards here,sigh.

  5. I found your blog per chance through another and love this hula hoop idea! I think I'll use it to for the craft idea at my son's 5th b-day! thanks so much for posting this!