Friday, July 18, 2008

barn tour: part two

Parasols and poppies! Could it get any more glorious than this!

We took my mother's collection of old parasols out to air...

I thought I'd leave you for the weekend with a view of the barn's exterior from the back. The photo below was taken from the open house. We've been having so much fun getting ready for some very special guests arriving tonight. My little sister and nieces are flying half-way around the globe for their very first visit!

Summer time is synonymous with dining outdoors. Seating and eating...couch is an old farm-hand bed covered with linen bed sheet. 1950's striped canvas polka dot enamel ware, glasses in yesterday's garage sale find: an old wooden tool box.

Iron candelabra next to rustic salvaged wood bench, a barn warming gift built by a 94 year old wood worker friend...see open house post, here, to get a glimpse of this amazing man.

Antique wicker set that has been with us for many years mixed with vintage French children's chairs:
Off the side of the deck, my mother repurposed an old trough into a raised bed kitchen garden, filled with herbs, lettuce, and tomatoes. This isn't just any old trough...the barn builder's son constructed it in 1898 and was housed inside the barn's stall until this recent renovation. One look at it, and my mother knew what its next life would be.

The new compost is filling up. We collect kitchen scraps and wilting bouquets in a 50's metal cooler, which serves as a portable compost bucket.

Life has gotten very exciting and busy here at maya*made. I just discovered that The Crafty Crow is featuring my stone dolls today... thank you! Can't wait to take my sister and all of the children down to the lake to collect more stones! I'm taking a blog break for the's my birthday. Hope you're enjoying your summer! Pin It


  1. There are so many perfect things to comment on in this post that I'm not sure where to begin! First off, Happy Birthday, my dear friend! Thank your momma for giving birth to you!

    I just love how you've domesticated all those old farm tools and objects--the farm hand's bed, the trough (those plants are glorious!), the wooden tool box, the barn wood bench. And you've done it all in such a respectful way, without kitsch, that it just feels completely right and organic. I love the vibe!

  2. Maya, this has become like a novel to me, like I have to wait for the next chapter and feel transported there each time. Thank you.
    Congratulations on your dolls.

  3. beautiful images! happy birthday and have a great weekend!

  4. Oh! What Julie said! It is so nice to see this story unfold. And Happy birthday, friend!

  5. I am loving the barn - you are so inspiring! I hope you have a fabulous birthday and do something wonderful to celebrate... saw you on the Crafty Crow again!!! - great stuff... have a lovely weekend. (Astonished your birthday isn't in September!).

  6. Happy birthday and happy gathering. Your are doing such an amazing job with your blog and photographs. Congratulations.

  7. Happy late birthday deary...Yay! for you and your dolls and the barn is as sweet on the outside as it is in...

  8. Wow, I have stumbled into your blog and I just love your home and the beautiful things that you have decorated it with...very inspiring.