Tuesday, June 10, 2008

sticks and stones

We're in the middle of an insane heat wave! Just about 100 degrees today! Staying in water seems to keep everyone happy and comfortable. We all love hanging out at our lake...there's a special spot that remains quiet, even on a scorcher, so we had the beach to ourselves and frolicked for hours.
I got to incorporate my need to make, desire to collect, and wish to stay focused on my children all into one morning. How? We happily collected art supplies right on the shore as we waded and played.
I have been admiring some beautiful stone creations on flikr, like this and that. I was looking for the perfect round dome-like river stone...well this is a lake, so nothing fitting that description was to be found. I started to notice what kinds of rocks we did have...triangular, pear-ish, female-shaped stones. I've collected these before, but all of sudden...LIGHTBULB! These looked like the nesting dolls I've also been enjoying...like these! I couldn't wait to get my white paint out.

This is just the first set...I'm excited to see how they evolve...they were such a pleasure to create...I think they are just the right size for my daughter to enjoy! And the sticks...drift wood? Right now, I'm just loving them in the bucket, but soon I think they'll help to suspend something new...we'll see! So look around you, whether you are out in nature or hanging inside...the resources for creating are staring right at you...just waiting to be looked at with a fresh new perspective. Pin It


  1. I love the painted stones. What kind of paint did you use? Thanks!

  2. These look like babushkas. Are they for the Russian Doll swap that is going on? I envy your never ending supply of driftwood. I collect it for art classes. It's ready made beauty!

  3. Sarah,
    I'm glad you liked the stones. I love the concept so much, but the execution is still in the perfecting stage. I used a basic craft acrylic...it was difficult to work with and I was frustrated with the outcome. Today I bought Liquitex Professional Acrylic Artist Color; something I've used to paint on canvas before. It made a world of difference and I will be posting the new and improved set of stones sometime this week.

    Snippety Gibbet,
    They are most definitely Babushkas/matryoshkas/nesting dolls...whatever name you'd like to give them...I'm not dong the swap...maybe I should...this all came together yesterday and I hadn't even had a chance to consider it...

  4. thanks for the comments on my blog... i only started blogging a few months ago.. but obviously i have lots to say afterall!!

    you live near a lake... you are very lucky!!! no need for toddler art group... you have art at your fingertips :) I live in the inner city of australia capital city... so not much nature... though there is a river.