Monday, June 23, 2008

she's off to australia!

I just finished this elephant for "Softies for Mirabel", a charitable auction for an Australian organization. Mirabel supports the children of families affected by substance abuse, and to find out more about them go to My elephant's name is Ella Bella, and I will be sending her off on an adventure to Australia. She will go directly to Meetmeatmikes and live in their window display with so many other wonderful softie creations, as they await to be bid upon at the end of July. Click here to see the increasing group of softies arriving in their flikr pool. Ella Bella is made of oatmeal colored linen with polka dot (Amy Butler) accents on her blanket, ears, and feet...and two little felted wool circles. She was the first sewing project in my new studio space. I haven't made an elephant in months and it felt great to make one for a worthy cause.

You were all so enthusiastic about my mom's barn in the last post...thank you! I love being able to share such a fun and exciting project...I promise not to disappoint. We stopped over yesterday with a couple of odds and ends (that she had stored in my garage this winter) and I'll try to post some initial interior shots...before we begin to unpack.

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  1. We love Ella Bella! My daughters went crazy over it. Great Job! I'm sure it will bring in a lot in the auction! Best wishes. Carolyn, Helena and Maria!

  2. Ella Bella is adorable! And what a great cause! And hooray for more barn pictures!

  3. ooh what a sweet elephant! She is beauty, I hope she can make someone happy!