Thursday, June 19, 2008

a room of my own

I'm sorry I haven't been around much this week, friends. I took on a huge project this weekend and it stretched into the week. I am creating my inspired, organized space for making lovely things! I've had such an explosion of projects in the last few months and it had become evident that I (and all of my STUFF) needed a lot more room. So I am taking over the office/guest room, and my very supportive husband is being relocated to a little spot outside of this distinctly maya*made room. All of our books will still live on one wall in here and guests will still sleep on the futon...but most of the time it will be for ME. I am so excited I can barely write! You see, I generally put myself needs seem to be easiest to take care of fussing, to claim something this big feels revolutionary! First off, I needed to paint. It was so much fun just picking out the color...forget-me-not blue!! So the room is still in chaos, but the paint is dry and a corner is emerging. I had really wanted to complete everything...put up curtains...paint my chair...but I'm way too excited to share this with all of you! Maybe you can even help me with your own great ideas. I'm open to all what kind of curtains would work best...maybe my sewing table or the cubbies will change colors ..who knows...I'm just happy to have a place to play in.

As a mother, I've spent so much energy creating interesting environments for my liberating it is to do it for myself! So here is the tiny introduction to my studio... let me push a few boxes out of the way...scoot those garbage bags filled with fabric (temporarily, of course) off to the!

..and I'd like you to meet Goldie, my muse. You'll see her again, I'm sure....but always wearing something new (her wardrobe is predominantly made up of vintage aprons).

I really would love to hear about your creative spaces...part of the creativity is just figuring out how to carve out some room of our own. Pin It


  1. Lucky you! My space is limited to a bookshelf in the corner of the bedroom and my sewing table often ends up being 2 tray tables set next to each other...

  2. Your sewing room looks like an inspiring space to create. The blue on the walls and the red cubby looks really nice together. I'm staring at my yellow walls that I liked so much a few years ago and they're feeling a little dull. . . .

  3. lil d- I just visited your blog and what you manage to create in such a small space is incredible. Before this year, my space to paint, sew, and craft was the dining room got a little messy around meal time as we shoved the piles to the side. I'm very grateful for this room!!
    Doodlebug-I love your yellow walls!

  4. Gorgeous...I am jealous...I have no creative space. Thank you so much for your helpful advice regarding my photography project.

  5. Maya: I am so glad that you decided to take over the guest room! I did the same thing. Now I don't feel so lonely.
    You can see my studio clicking here
    I think half of the time I am working there, I spend it surfing the web and changing or adding little details to my space. And the other half... hm... maybe working, yeah.
    Have a nice start!

  6. Or maybe clicking this?

  7. hey, thanks for commenting on my blog. I love your sewing room! So fresh and roomy. Mine has piles of boxes and stuff dumped everywhere. I often end up dragging the sewing machine out to the living room so I can watch the kids while they play. I really should get in there and clean it up.

  8. Thanks for the kindness's still a work in progress...I only showed you the tidy corner...I have to climb over piles just to get to my sewing machine LOL!
    I have so much crafty stuff and I'd like to keep it sparse and minimalistic...but not a chance!

  9. As you know, I am (slowly) setting up my new space, too. I am inspired by your room, and may borrow a few of your ideas!

    And we still have a futon for you to stay on, too.


  10. I love this. Pretty little corner. Ad the colours are beautiful. What is this watery turquoise on the walls? Do you remember what type and colour of paint? It's perfect!