Thursday, June 12, 2008

meet our garden friends

Well, it's your friend Midnight Blogger, here. I've been meaning to post this all night, but I couldn't stop painting stones...I'm hooked and I perfected the technique with better tools and materials...more on that next time. While the stones are drying , please indulge me in one more post about the flower folk...

We had so much fun playing and taking pictures of these "new fairies" in the garden today. Combining magic with dramatic play made for some very elaborate story-telling by my 3 year old. I'll let you make up your own with some of these images. Meet Lupita (of the lupines) and her children: Primula (primrose) and little Bud.

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  1. I have to admit I wasn't into fairies with my older two, but I think hanging out in the woods has made me a convert. There are just so many beautiful miniature places--some of which you've captured so well in your photos--in the woods that one can imagine as a fairy hangout, that I'm definitely nurturing that fantasy in my son.

    I hope you'll be featuring them in your Etsy shop, or at least letting us know how you make them!

  2. I found them and they are so wonderful. My children and I love creating fairy houses and these little garden friends are truly delightful. We have actually been collecting acorn "hats" with hopes of creating our own little woodland creatures. So I hope you will post a tutorial on them sometime in the future. Thanks again for more inspiration!

  3. So where did you find these little dolls? Or did you make them? I was thinking it would be fun to pose them in different settings and then let the kids "write" their own book. Then we could bind them and they would have a book they wrote complete with illustrations. =D