Thursday, June 5, 2008

a is for apron

My daughter is the recipient of all of her big brother's hand-me-downs...mostly books and toys. She also inherited his hand-made aprons, most of which are made from truck and train fabrics. I've been meaning to make her several of her own... and here is the first. I used a set of two coordinating dish towels( got them at Target on clearance...couldn't resist), ribbon, and bias tape.This is a simple pattern I created for 2-5 year olds. I've probably made about 20 of them in the last eight years. Aprons make great birthday presents... pockets stuffed with cooking utensils or art supplies. I was so determined to make this that I stayed up late, I mean really late... again! I'm calling myself the Midnight Blogger. When else can I get on the computer or settle down to make something uninterrupted? I've got two early-risers, so a.m. isn't much of an option. I figure I'll sleep a lot when the kids go off to college :)
I'd love to hear how others squeeze in their creative moments. When do you find the time to make and do all of your projects? Pin It


  1. this is a gorgeous apron, so sweet and fun!! i squeeze in mommy-crafty-time when i can, but i'm a late-nighter as well. i was up til 2a.m. cutting paper and stamping cards. i'm tired, but it's a contented tired. =)

  2. The apron is gorgeous! I love the birthday gift idea--I'd never thought of such a great combo. And you've given me inspiration for the tea towels I've been collecting lately.

    I love your midnight blogs--gives me my fix first thing in the morning!

    I'm afraid what little crafting that's going on right now is all in my head--too much crafting of other people's words (editing job) at the moment, I'm afraid.

  3. I love the print on this one!
    I have been eyeing some Target tea towels too:)

    Moonlight hours are my most creative time! 2am is usually my bedtime even with my early risers. I am lucky though that my 3 year old still takes a two hour nap in the afternoon so I can catnap with him:)

  4. Love the apron! I may try something like that myself. Would you believe that I don't own an apron? I know, it's crazy. One of those things that stays on my "to be sewed" list but never seems to make the cut.

    And, I too, am a midnight seamstress. I'm not much of a morning person. It takes me 1/2 a pot of coffee just to remember my name (could be all those late nights are to blame!)

  5. That's a great apron, my daughter has a little collection of ones that we've picked up from toys or at classes but she would love it if I made her one... perhaps someday. Right now the only crafting I seem to get done is kids stuff. Hopefull we'll get a mom's craft night going this summer with the playgroup moms.

  6. I'll be thinking of you all in the wee hours of the night/morning. It's a sweet feeling knowing we're all up working on what "feeds" us!