Tuesday, June 17, 2008

happy 90th birthday!!!!

Yes, it's true this little baby boy is my grandfather, and he turns 90 years old today! He has played a tremendous role in my life...more of a parent than a grandparent. He is also the most brilliant person I've ever known. My grandfather built the first solar-heated home on Long Island in 1947...he was a true visionary, and I grew up in a world where we were always way ahead of our time... thanks to him! My summers were filled with him playing his harmonica until I fell asleep in the little bed that he made, collecting bark to make fire by flint and steel (I think I can still do it!), being taught to swim with a piece of styrofoam from a television box (he cut a hole out of the center for me, and then kept cutting pieces off...until nothing was left but me...swimming!), picking vegetables in his abundant garden, and listening to night time sounds on the porch swing while he identified them. My grandfather had the answers to all of my questions about nature, the stars, and beyond. Thank you for the memories that are as endless as my childhood summers were long. Happy Birthday!!

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  1. What sweet pictures! I love him already.

  2. What a very cool Grandfather. I can see his influence on you.

  3. I followed this link after reading your snowflake post (I was searching for fun winter traditions to enjoy with my girls), and couldn't help but grin a huge grin. What a unique individual, and how awesome that he passed his creative influence on to you! Thanks for sharing.