Monday, June 30, 2008

happily clicking away

I check out Shutter Sisters each morning for a little photographic inspiration. One photo is selected each day from their flikr pool to be the highlighted "daily click". Today it was one of mine with the above shot, titled Dusk. I can't tell you how fantastic it makes me feel to be recognized for this new love of mine, taking pictures! I've always loved photography, but am completely self-taught and wing it most of the time. In the past, most of my photos revolved around children, but I've been branching out to nature and stills. Whenever a great shot happens, I tend to think it's just luck. My confidence is growing, as more people are enjoying what my little camera and I are producing. Blogging has motivated me to use my camera every day... so many bloggable moments and I don't want to miss out on capturing things to share visually. My introduction to flikr (thanks to great friend, Pat!) has been the most exciting part of my new hobby. How fun to share how you see your world, with others...from all over the world. I had this huge and out-dated clunker of a digital camera up until two months ago...then I bought a new one (sony cyber-shot 7.2) with prize money from the Sew Green Contest, and it's become one of my best friends! Here are a few of my favorite shots in the last week:

I'd love to hear about your relationship with your camera and what role photography plays in your life. Pin It


  1. Great photos! Congratulations on them chosing one of your captures. Would love to hear any tips you have. I'm trying to make photography a hobby of mine. The hardest part for me is bringing out the camera at group events.

  2. Maya, I can only say your photos are inspiring! The way you are chronicling your life, and the unpacking of the barn, and the world around you! For being self taught your photos are beautifully composed - the little red shoes and the egg carton with the flowers and the melting ice necklaces all come to mind. And congrats for having a daily pick on Shutter Sisters! I've been trying to carry my camera every where myself.

  3. Oh and my "Mable" is everything to me...actually sort of an obcession.

  4. Congratulations! They picked one of mine too the other day, and I was so happy!
    Taking pictures reveals a whole new way of watching and seeing. My sister is a photographer, so for me it wasn't (in my mind) allowed to feel like one. She was the one, not me. But that's stupid, we don't have to let these things put on our way to something we love. And I love taking pictures so much...

  5. congratulations! your pics are stunning. i'm still learning what all the buttons on my camera do. so far i have the flower and the mountain figured out ;-)

  6. Oh thank you, thank you! I can't believe how kind you all are.
    Juliek: groups are tricky, I try to do one of two things...1. blend in and try not to be to obvious and go for the candids with a zoom, or 2. announce what my goal is and ask to be ignored...if I'm going to post any for the blog, I also like to ask permission.

    smoothpebble: thank you for such a thoughtful comment. I can't believe you remembered and referred to last week's pix...that really makes me feel incredible!

    Mrs. French: You and your Mable are quite an inspiration to me, so thanks a bunch!

    Julie: I saw that pin cushion!! Funny, my sister-in-law is a professional and phenomenal photographer and I had the same feelings that you had about your sister. There's enough room for everyone to find a place to shine!

    Mamablogger: thanks so much and guess what? I'm still figuring out those buttons, too! The manual is around here somewhere!

  7. You got some great shots there - especially the dusk shot. Also really like that one with the chalk.

    I love looking at the Shutter Sister's shots - it's one of the first places I check each day.

    I'm new to photography. My camera, I've had it less than a month, used a little point and shoot before. Before I bought it, I researched it online, in magazines, I dreamed about it at night - I was in love with that little Nikon D40 before I ever held it in my hand. I get it out every day, point it at the kids, my patio garden, the creek. I want to get a stronger lens so that I can take pictures of bugs and spiders.

    Thanks for asking.

  8. Gorgeous photos. It's been so hot around here lately that I've been pretty much staying indoors all day long. I want to get out and take photos again - but I need to get a new memory card first...

  9. I like your blog and some of the picture are quits good. I like the top two picture in this post. That was impressive for me.

  10. I love you photos. Many of them seem so "surreal" like if they were from a dream. How do you get such grat close ups? Are you in manual mode? Just wondering cause I'm usually in auto mode and the flash just kills it.