Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Squat Dots

As Mama Goose enters the last phase, I am beginning the delivery of items I designed for the store. I had a photo shoot with some of the "squat dots" yesterday afternoon. I made a total of four and might make more if the store loves them as much as my children have. These kid poufs are the perfect size for floor play and lounging. I can sit on them easily and comfortably, too! They're stuffed with recycled felted wool, which gives them a nice weight and density...along with all of the other wonderful properties of wool: natural fiber, retains its shape, repels odors and dust mites, etc. Kelly picked out the fabric and I had fun mixing and matching. Of all of the things I've been working on, these Squat Dots might just be my favorite. I can't wait to dig into my stash of fabric to make some for my house...I'm thinking assorted sizes!

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  1. Love the dress and what a lucky little lady! So are you opening your own store? Looks exciting!

  2. Your squat dots are so fun and functional! Quick, copyright that name before someone copies it! I love the color combos, especially with your blue chair. And your blog background looks great!!

  3. Maya! i was looking back through your posts because I want to make some poufs...and I was thinking that these would look fabulous in burlap!