Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I love bunting...pennants......banners. They go by many names and have become a popular decor element in many modern children's rooms. These days, bunting is most often seen in vintage or repro fabric. I wanted to create something new and unique with sustainable materials...and I enjoy working with newspaper so much. It's readily available, needs to be recycled, and is the perfect medium for crafting. The bunting I designed was given a wash of diluted acrylic paint to add color without hiding what the paper really is. I used the palette we've been working with at Mama Goose, since these will most likely find a home in the new store.

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  1. I think the bunting looks fantastic fluttering in the wind, especially hanging from the barn or shed. The colors looks marvelous! Could you show how to do the bunting?

  2. I'm glad you like the colors...midday is the worst time to have photo shoot and I thought it got a little washed out in the sun. They were very simple to make. I used the fold newspaper as my mid point and cut a nice little pointy upside down triangle. I have a picture on my Flikr page that shows them unfolded as long diamonds and painted. Once dry, they need their wrinkles ironed out. Then they are ready to be strung on ribbon or twine.

  3. Thanks for the description! I'll try it.