Sunday, May 11, 2008

my mom

I talked about my mother in my very first post, but haven't since. I think I've been worried that if I start, I'll never stop. My friends are very patient about me going on and on...they enjoy my mother too. My family doesn't mind...they all adore her as much as I do. My mother and I share everything from the daily minutia to the big stuff. She even calls to tell me what typos I have to edit from my blog..."not another exclamation point, Maya"..."can't help it Mom...I'm enthusiastic!" You see, she is my best friend, my mentor and my confidante. She's the most beautiful, creative woman I brother and sister would definitely agree. I'm quite nostalgic, so I thought I'd surprise her with some lovely "Vintage Mom"...but she's even more lovely today.
Precita Park, San Francisco 1975

Valencia St. 1973 My mother hugs my little friend, Mary, and me(left)

Three generations: My grandmother, mother and me Baker Beach 1972

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  1. Your mom is gorgeous! (I can't leave off the exclamation points either, even though I know I should.) She's given you such amazing creative gifts that you're passing on to your children. Enjoy your Mother's Day!!

  2. Just stumbled across your great blog. I love old photos and these are great! My sister and i love to tease our mom about our clothes and hair in our family photos. We always look like such unkept waifs!

  3. Thanks Doodlebug, Happy Mother's Day to you too!

    Glad you found me, jamie gotta love the old family photos. I'm the keeper of most of them for my family. It's an honor... and really fun being able to whip out crazy snippets from the past.