Tuesday, May 20, 2008

movin' in

Mama Goose closed the doors to her first home last Saturday, and the push to move into her new spacious digs has begun. Kelly Moreland, owner and founder of this beloved hot spot for parents and their offspring, has assembled an amazing team to complete this huge expansion project. The Goose has grown from 850 square feet to 4000 square feet of retail space in a matter of months. It has also undergone a major make-over...the Goose is up-dating her look. It's been wonderful working with Kelly and sharing her vision to create such an innovative retail space...and doing it all on a shoestring! Our Goose style can best be described as "Retro-Dustrial". We salvaged and repurposed vintage resources and combined them with the utilitarian industrial materials.
-old doors and windows for display
-cement floors
-galvanized pipes for clothing hang rods
-metal buckets and wash tubs for storage
Craigslist became our best friend, as well as Significant Elements, the local architectural salvage store. It's so exciting reinventing things... forget Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel...head over to your local Salvation Army and see what you can find to recycle and repurpose!

We are still in that chaotic phase of unpacking, but here are a couple more sneak peeks...

A vintage door with a handmade display stage....we have several of these that will have hooks for highlighting select clothing and used as room dividers.

A local shop was closing and Mama Goose bought up all of their handmade crate/display stands. They've been invaluable...window benches and bases for tiered tables ...we keep finding new purposes for them.
The new maternity/newborn room features a vintage cupboard and classroom blackboard.

One of Kelly's talented staff , Julie Dean is also a potter (and glass artist, painter, and teacher!). She created these great tiles that will be incorporated into the new stucco of the front entrance.

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