Friday, May 9, 2008

liquid sunshine

As promised for today... a little DIY bucket o' grass. This is so easy, satisfying, and cheap...I want to encourage everyone to grow their own bucket. It could greet you on your front porch or bring a little greenery into an urban dwelling. Let's face it, these buckets are just happy! I'm planning on having grass growing all winter long next year. My inspiration came from the buckets themselves. Each bucket is 12 quarts of heavy duty, galvanized steel and only $4.95 at Lowe's. That's an amazing deal for their size and quality! Here's what you need to get started:

-bag of soil
-packet of wheat grass (don't use other varieties...wheat grass is majestic as it grows)
-hammer and a nail

step 1: Hammer several holes into the bottom of the bucket for adequate drainage.
step 2: Fill your bucket with soil.
step 3: Sprinkle soil with a generous amount of seeds and cover it lightly with another thin layer of soil.
step 4: Water. Continue to keep soil moist through entire growing process.
step 5: Place bucket in a sunny location.
step 6: Sit back and watch it grow...liquid sunshine!

Here's some getting ready for a trim:

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  1. Love this idea. I did this a few years ago but on a much smaller scale. It worked for a while but I didn't take into consideration the holes in the bottom for drainage.

  2. Ah!! Thank you for this post. This is a perfect idea for a wedding reception...could put place cards in the soil:)

  3. I love your blog. I enjoy seeing what you are doing. I really like the buckets of grass. A couple of years ago I made a caterpillar out of grass, using an old pair of hose and tieing it off in different sections. I stuffed the entire hose with potting soil mixed with grass seed and it turned out so neat. My granddaughters loved it.

  4. what a beautiful idea !!!!
    i think i'll try it on my balcony, i would love to have green grass around me even if i live in a city!
    Very nice blog,

  5. I LOVE this blog!!! We just moved into a new house and I have been completely devoid of any inspiration to do anything to make it our own and now I am just SO excited to get to work! You're GREAT!!! Thank you!